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Topic: Student Questions

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Nokia Marketing Objectives

Posted by Anonymous on 100 Points
Ok guys i have tried coming up with marketing jobs, but they are fairly poor they don't work because they're no SMART so i need help looking at areas i could use to make objectives like what would i improve to increase sales, they are the market leaders because they're doing alot of things wrong so i'm finding this section quite hard.

Below is what i've come up with I would appreciate somedirection or even a few examples.

Market Development
Using innovative advertisement to increase our target audiences product awareness about features and benefits of our product and its competitive advantage, leading to a 10 percent increase in sales in one year.

Market Growth
Following market trends offer leasing arrangements with companies much the way other expanding technology such as computers are leased to increase sales to businesses.

New markets
Penetrating the retiree market which is often over looked with a simple phone with a very friendly basic user interface to help increase sales and market share.
Using research and design judge what the certain segments of the market look for in a phone
Continue to develop current product to better suit the needs of the consumer



  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Pat,

    When I read your objectives above, it looks like you are over-talking the subject. This was one of my biggest challenges when I started writing copy. Although English is my best language, it wasn't my first and I still tend to write the way a Brazilian talks, by going around the subjects and using long, drawn out sentences (I wrote this one as an example.) How do I overcome it? One of my best tricks is to read what I write out load. Another is to look at each long sentence to see if it will be clearer if I shorten it.

    I suggest you start off with the goal, then explain which general methods you will be using to reach these goals. Now some of your sentences are over explaining what you want to say. It would have more clarity worded something like this:

    Market Development

    Increase sales by 10% within one year: Use innovative technologies, such as ___ (insert a few examples of the technologies you have in mind), to increase our target audience's awareness of our competitive advantages.

    Market Growth

    Increase market share by ___ % in the next ___ years: Offer leasing arrangement to companies similar to those seen in other emerging technologies, such as computers.

    New Markets

    Create a new retirees segment: Penetrate this rapidly growing, yet often overlooked market with a simple, user friendly phone.

    Segment research: Create new markets based on phone user and design research.

    Refine current products: Improve current products to reach new markets based on unmet consumer needs.

    I hope you don't mind that I got a bit personal with the advice. I used to get a lot of "get to the point" kind of criticism until I found out how to word things differently. Both my grades and my job prospects improved dramatically after I learned to communicate in a more direct manner.
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks Alexa, that's really cleared it up for me i really appreciate your help.

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