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I am looking for new and fressh ways to advertise/market a higher-end fitness club. Any unique ideas that have drawn you in would be appreciated.
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  • Posted by Pepper Blue on Accepted
    Hi Adgirl,

    Check out the website of one of the most successful high-end fitness clubs in the United States:

    Browse their site, check out the section "five-start amenities". I think you will find their value proposition and reason for success to be clear and will provide you with good information.

    I hope that helps.
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    The irony about a higher-end fitness club is that it's probably for people who are ALREADY fit. And according to magazines and newspapers, the U.S. is getting fatter, not fitter.

    The freshest, newest approach that finally drew ME into a fitness club was the promotion of Curves, the low-stress workout for the rest of us. The advertising used "normal" people, not hard-bodied women.

    The workouts cut into my time answering KHE questions, though, so I had to give it up. ;]

    - Shelley
  • Posted on Accepted
    A high end fitness club should be worth the premium that customers pay. Therefore, it should reflect what those customers are looking for.

    I would survey your customers as well as your potential customers. Then match the two. What are you current customers happy/not happy about? What is keeping away all your potentials?

    That said, I'll tell you briefly what I'm looking for:
    -flexible hours
    -a variety of classes (why not have hip hop classes for beginners? what's up with all this pilates and yoga?) and at times when people actually can take a class. Either early in the morning or later in the evening.
    -small classes, not ones that are bursting at the seams with sweaty people
    -beautiful quiet areas, without the music or tv blaring. sometimes people just need to think while they are on the treadmill. I would even have a reservation sheet for the quiet room, allowing only one member at a time.
    -a membership with benefits (discounts to a spa or local healthy eatery)
    -member get member discount
    -the possibility of starting your own class at no extra cost as long as you can get 2 others to join

    Alot of times, people will join a club with the pressure ON. Need to get thin fast! I think you should position yourself as a fun part of the day. An exclusive place to play and to relax as well. Because the only people who get thin and stay thin are those who believe in themselves and have fun while they do it.

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