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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Advertising/pr Ideas For A New Italian Restaurant

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am looking for new and fresh ideas to advertise/market a new italian restaurant. Besides if you have creatuve ideas on how to manage it, they will be welcome. The restaurant is placed on a highly transited route.

  • Posted on Member
    Hi Diego.

    I need more details. Where are you located exactly? US? Big city or small? What kind of Italian restaurant? High end or fast food Italian? Is this a chain or a one-of-a-kind? Also, give me an idea of some of the food that's on your menu.

    Grazie mille.
  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    For me, opera, great clothing (especially shoes) and the Vespa often sum up the emotional aspects of Italy.

    Structurally you of course have the ruins, the spanish steps, colloseum, venizia; Milan; Cinqe De Terre etc.

    I'd like to see you give a 'Passport to Italy' to each Family - they get a 'visa stamp' each time they visit. The more stamps each month/quarter, the more chances they have to win a piece of Italy - the Opera CD shoes and even a Vespa.

    You can apply the same deal to the workers as well. Also consider running a half price meal day (pick your quietest day) where anyone who stands up and sings an Italian Opera song to the restaurant - will get their meal at half price. You could even encourage whole tables to do a full on rendition.

    That'd add atmosphere and fun to the restaurant, tied into passion and great food
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    Diego, your question reminded me of a similar question posted here. The DETAILS are different, but there were a lot of creative ideas offered to the asker! Check it out:

    Dilemma in restaurant positioning

    You might also try the Search Questions link on the right side of the page. Use the keyword "restaurant" to see what else has been posted.

    Good luck!

    - Shelley

    p.s. I'm in Houston, where all the best restaurants seem to be Italian! Carraba's is VERY successful, and the owners have managed to franchise it. Lucky for Kevin in Dallas... ;]
  • Posted on Accepted
    Since you're in Argentina (where there are probably more Italians than here in Italy), I would go for AUTHENTICITY. I know that a restaurants also sells ambiance and service, but if the food isn't right, then you're not likely to get those repeat customers.

    Most restaurants outside Italy are not authentic. Rather, they cater to what most people expect from an Italian restaurant (spaghetti and meatballs, for example--yuck). I'm Italian American and when I lived in the States, I never went to Italian restaurants because the food was just WRONG (yes, even Carrabas, Shelley!). The one exception is Miami, where most Italian restaurants are owned by Italians.

    Since you're a trattoria, I would first get the feel of Italian trattorias and agriturists online (search Agriturismo Toscana" for Tuscany, and "Agriturismo Veneto" for Venice's region). Alot of them have recepies and typical products from each region. Here's a nice little site with typical products from my region Also, here is the url for Esperya in Spanish, which is the best resource for authentic and fresh Italian foods online.

    As for promotional ideas: why not co-brand your restaurant with Segafreddo/Illy Caffe' or San Pellegrino or Barilla etc.? You have exclusivity for their coffee/water/pasta and they usually give you big sun umbrellas or branded plates/cups for your restaurant. It's a way to draw in those that are just walking by.

    Another idea, is to draw the lunch crowd by specializing in a certain type of homemade pasta every day. Thursdays Italians eat Gnocchi alla Bolognese. Saturday and Sunday it's usually Lasagna or tagliatelle.

    But, not everyone wants to eat pasta every day. I would add carpaccio, insalata di pesce, and grigliate to the menu options for those that are health-conscious.

    Here's another resource that lists all of the best restaurants in Italy. You can visit them to get a feel for what each region offers.

    Gotta run. If I think of something else I'll post it later.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Diegolazaro

    There are some good ideas the guys have suggested.

    Before you commit to offering a certain proposition for your Italian restaurant and finalise your position within the market it would be helpful to find out who is your local competition, where do they advertise, how do they position themselves, what services do they provide for customers e.g. value for money, convenience, delivery etc.

    You can simply walk into selected restaurants, experience their atmosphere, sample their food ask what additional services they provide. If you use your Italian charm, you can also find out quickly their quite periods and how they deal with them.

    Additional services you can also consider would be:

    Parties for children/adults - depends how big your premises are and if you have a contained area.

    Weekends ask a friend or hire a would be Italian opera singer/actor to serenade outside the restaurant (cheesy but could be fun - alternative someone children will be attracted to like a mime artist or clown)

    Advertise/sponsor activities at the local sports centre - mixing passion and pleasure for both adults and children

    Set dressing up themes for your staff from famous Italian movies e.g. La Dolce Vita, Godfather, Cinema Paradiso- maybe once you have your customer club setup organise themed evenings for customers - you can also alternate with Opera themes too.

    Vespa driven deliveries to local catchment area - brand it with your identity, colours etc.

    Establish a loyalty card - e.g if you order 7 pizzas you get 1 free with free drink etc

    Design an Italian Trattoira club card - when customers visit you, when they finish give them a card if they want to join the club your special club (you have to figure out what beenfits you can offer them) - to fill out their details and to add birthdays, anniversaries how often they eat out a week etc- and if they can recommend friends/family to your restaurant you can contact in exchange for a free meal (excl drinks). You want to build a long term relationship and obviously this will be based upon your food, atmosphere, service etc but it's one way to start a database of customers to follow up on. There is administration involved but this appproach like others can help to keep you in touch with your customers e.g. when you want to make different styles of food you will have customers who will be ready to give their honest opinions.

    You can also evaluate the possibility of offering lunch for companies - via a hand delivery by a swooshy italian girl with a cute apron - selling small plastic cartons of pasta and salads according to working people tastes and preferences. - as a side though maybe you could have all your waitresses dress up as Sophia Loren - just to add a little fun and passion as some of the guys mentioned.

    These are some of suggestions you can use and have worked before. First thing to consider is your competition and your brand and how you can package, present it well enough & differentiate it's proposition enough to see it through with some of the suggestions above from everyone.

    Hope this has helped.


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