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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Marketing Themes

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am a marketer for a health care provider. My target demographic is physician's office staff, senior living agencies, hospital discharge planners, nurses, etc. I am looking to start 2009 with some fresh ideas. I am looking for some catchy marketing themes and ideas. If anyone has any or knows of any resources available to help out with this, please help! I am looking for some creative things. I've used things such as giving out Extra chewing gum...theme We Go the EXTRA mile, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Posted on Accepted
    How about personalized candy jars that will stay on the physician's desk, physician receptionist's desk and at the nurse's station with your logo and message...filled with your choice of candy.

    Can always make additional visits to fill the jar and discuss your services further.

    Here's a link to promotion candy jars:

  • Posted on Accepted
    Give away carwash tickets to the staff. Normally you can work out a deal with the carwash company for volume discounts.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
  • Posted on Accepted
    Take 5 candy bars.... when you need to Take 5, call XXX
    Animal printed pens and pads.... It's a jungle out there call us.......
    Single serving tea bags/coffee/hot cocoa: Take your next coffee break on us.... we'll meet your health care needs.
    Individual size Potato Chips.... if you're in a crunch call us...

    I'm not exactly sure what health care services you're providing but you can tailor the slogans to fit your services.
  • Posted on Member
    Here are a few ideas for promotional products for the healthcare industry where you may have your logo imprinted that I think are cute and quirky:

    Syringe Highlighters
    Tagline: We Stand Out From the Rest

    Twist-Free Retractable Badge Holders
    Tagline: First String in "YOUR SERVICE(S)"


  • Posted on Member
    I also ran across some promotional candy prescription bottles that suggested a tagline such as "a cure for...", "We Can Cure Your...", "The Remedy For..."

    Could also go with...Not Your Generic "SERVICE PROVIDER" or "Just What the Doctor Ordered...", "No More Headaches...", "Headache-Free", "Stress Free", "The Cure For", etc.

  • Posted on Accepted
    What service or product do you provide? That may help with more ideas.

    I worked with physician's offices at a prior job and we did M&Ms in our company logo colors (they come in small packages already) and had round labels placed on the packages with a call-to-action on it.

    The staff went crazy for it.
  • Posted on Author
    I market for a hospice provider. We provide end of life care.
  • Posted by Perrie on Accepted
    How about a Teddy Bear with a t-shirt that has your firm name...

    and one of these...

    When You Can't Bear it Alone

    Your Care Bear

    Or how about

    A little truck with candy in the back...

    Tuck in a note...

    Let us help you take a load off your shoulders...

    Good Luck,
  • Posted on Accepted
    When I was in healthcare; I really wanted to use the phrase...We Deliver


    We deliver...
    the best technology
    outstanding patient aftercare
    a great healthcare experience
    your greatest bundle of joy

    You can "deliver" a pizza with your idea to the appropriate staff with the literature and it should make a significant impact!

    My old boss couldn't get her arms around the concept at all, but I think it can be clever.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I like the lifesavers idea. Another idea for the tagline: Your lifesaver for end-of-life care.

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