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Topic: Student Questions

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Service Dominant Logic

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points

I read about the Service Dominant Logic, the new concept in marketing. It seems promises in the future not only to the company who implement it but also for the quality of human life. The skill of marketer wil impact as well.

In term of that i have a question :

1. What is the relationship between Service Dominant Logic (SD Logic) to the marketing.
2. What is the impact of the S-D Logic to the marketing strategy.
3. What is the impact of the SD Logic to the marketing activities.
4. Will it be impact to the company as a whole?
5. How to implement it?
6. Is there any companes that have implemt it so far?


Thank you

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
  • Posted on Author
    I have bough the book and read the articles from the website. All of them discuss the theory. Nothing practical. I dont know how to link it to reality, to the marketing strategy to the marketing activities.

    So far my approach, if company to use the SD Logic, they should change its mission, goal and corporate strategy. But for the marketing aspect, it will not affect, it still use the marketing strategy (market segmentation and product differentiation) but it will expand the marketing activities (let say put anoter 4Ps from Lovelock). Moreoever human resources must be empowered. That is now.

    But this is not the real one of SD Logic, i think. It must be more valuable than that.

    Would you as a marketing expert give a direction, not theory anymore?


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