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Your 'knock Knock' Joke

Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on 2000 Points
i have an idea for a new social networking site that could be as big as facebook and twitter combined. it will be highly interactive and very very funny. and it will foster very deep connections between people who are essentially strangers living in strange lands.

the basis for this social interaction will be the "knock knock" joke.


"knock knock"

who's there


myspace who

myspace no longer exists, they went broke

what i'm looking for here is “YOUR KNOCK KNOCK” joke. what would you send to your future best friend forever? The more dry, sarcastic, caustic, irreverent, cheesy and unabashedly direct the better.

points will be awarded based on amusement, or really just for posting.

thanks in advance for taking this seriosly.

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  • Posted by Inbox_Interactive on Accepted
    Steve, it appears that you've been here a while and greatly contributed to the forum, so I'm fighting my usual curmudgeonly, caustic self and providing a kinder, gentler reply than was my first instinct...

    First off, I don't think the majority of people think knock-knock jokes are terribly funny. Of course, that's all subject to individual taste.

    Second of all, I don't think people want to use text to tell or hear (make that, "read") knock-knock jokes. I think knock-knock jokes are more of a verbal/audio thing. They don't lend themselves well to the written word.

    Third, I'm not sure you help your cause when you say that this could be as big as Facebook or Twitter combined. I applaud the big dreamer, but this is a one-trick pony. I don't think you can build a whole business around this. Maybe this is something Twitter users would sign up for from you? Their daily knock-knock joke?

    I dunno. Frankly, I don't get it.

    Now go raise $10 million in venture capital, make $100 million for yourself, and prove me to be the ass that I am.


  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    Not big on knock knock jokes. Most people won't even respond to my "knock knock".

    Who's there
    Me too, Mr. T.

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    i thought i posted this under " just for fun" :-)

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    gary, i know pretty bad joke even for a knock knock joke

    paul, don't fight your usual curmudgeonly, caustic self, seriosly.

    michael - "me too, Mr.T" lol
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    lol barb ... er .. i mean jeff
  • Posted by Juliet on Accepted
    Hi Steve

    I get it! This is a fun posting! I've just jumped onto this site after a long absence and it's good to see a posting which encourages me to contribute.

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Cow's go
    Cow's go who?
    No, cow's go "Moo"

    A very British one is:

    Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Dr who?
    You just said it - Dr Who!

    And into the Tardis

    Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Owls Twitter
    Owls Twitter who?
    No...Owls Twit-ter-woo!

    Best wishes

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Dear Steve,

    Oh, all right then, if you insist:

    Knock, knock.
    Who's there?
    Zeek who?
    Zeek and you shall find.

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    London Bridget!
    London Bridget who?
    London Bridget, is falling down, falling down...!

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    The Maura!
    The Maura who?
    The Maura the merrier!

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Howard who?
    Howard can it be to guess a Knock Knock joke?

    ... and finally:

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Taipei who?
    Taipei sixty words a minute is pretty fast!

    Hope this helps. Now, if your social media empire takes off, I expect to receive a cut of the gross!

    Gary Bloomer
    Wilmington, DE, USA

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    all the new posts got me laughing ... many thanks to juliet, gary b, jeff and gary r.

    don't be shy, keep em coming ........
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    very clever jeff, i had to google it

    ... you may meet a stranger.

    here's another really bad one ..

    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Madam who?
    Madam KHE post is caught in the spin cycle
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Also check out the Knock-Knock Joke Repository:
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    hi jay thanks for the link, did you see one you thought was stupid enough for this post :)
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    you're too much gary r hahahahahahahaha
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    shout out to marcus, chris and our friends down under -

    Knock Knock! Who's there? Kanga. Kanga who? No! Kanga roo!
  • Posted on Accepted
    Ok here goes....

    Knock Knock
    Who's There?
    Justin Who?
    justin time to give ya another joke!!


  • Posted by rakesh_sethia80 on Accepted

    Who's that???


    Dont Lie...Oppurtunity never knocks Twice at your door....

    Ha Ha Ha....

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Steve - How about calling the site: Knock-E-Knock ( is available)? is for sale as well.

    And for a knock-knock joke for you: (it doesn't translate well to text...)
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    I am not sure this one works in writing, but here goes...

    Knock knock

    Who's there?

    Rude interrupting Cow

    Rude inter...

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    thanks sherry, for your timely post

    funny rakesh, hahaha

    knock-e-knock is creative jay, of course this is “just for fun”

    you’re right dave, verbal is better, but text works - good one

    here’s one more, honest:

    Knock Knock!
    Who's there?
    Amsterdam, who?
    Amsterdam tired of all these dumb and dumber knock-knock jokes
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    re: interrupting cow knock knock joke, funny coincidence jay posted video version followed by dave's text post. check it out.
  • Posted on Accepted
    This is the only one I know:

    Who's There?
    Orange who?
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Author
    jjj, orange you glad you posted your joke.

    looks like this post drifting away to secondary page oblivion. yaaaaaaaaa

    last call for your joke.

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