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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Help Me Increse My Hair Salon Clients - Any Ideas?

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I currently work in a hair salon in an upscale area. I am very new to the salon and have been in this are for about six years. The salon does fairly well, but it has also been affected by the economy ( business has slowed). I am looking to increase my client base. Does anyone have any creative or unique ideas. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time!

  • Posted by Gail@PUBLISIDE on Accepted
    Would some of your recent clients for whom you have given great new hair designs be willing to model in a small hair fashion show? Ask them to sit for an audience and allow you to explain what you did. Afterward, ask them to answer questions of attendees about how they feel about their new doos -- easy to manage, creative face-shaping, etc.

    You may offer them a free cut/color or store product in return for their time.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Did you send out postcards or notes to all your clients from the salon you left, to notify them that you're now at XYZ Salon?

    Can you network with the cosmetics sales associates and counter managers at your local mall? (Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Barneys if they're near your area) Lots of those people are freelance makeup artists and do work for weddings, etc. They may have clients they could refer to you, and vice versa. (You can exchange business cards)

    Also visit personal shoppers at these stores. You could even color and cut a friend's hair and take them with you, if that's possible.

    Also check out a few skincare forums. (men's and women's) People often ask for recommendations for a new hairstylist by city and state (and country).

    Good luck.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    As Gail suggests, but a different medium: YouTube videos - interview clients and ask how their hair makes them feel.

    Bring-a-friend offer. Second haircut (back-to-back appointments) 1/2 price. Champagne included.
  • Posted on Member
    If you're not in a position to be holding events and offering discounts, the YouTube videos are actually a great idea.

    Check out the videos of other stylists, and make a few of your own
    for updos, layered cuts, how to layer curly hair/straight hair/thick hair, fall trends 2009 for men and women, etc.

    You don't have to do these at the salon if that's not an option.
    Just make sure the videos look professional.
  • Posted by rrouleau on Accepted
    I own two skin care spas so I'm in a similar industry. The quickest way to build your clientele is to give out FREE haircuts! Who can refuse a free haircut in this economy?

    Here is how it works:
    Have nice, professionally printed gift certificates made that offer a complimentary haircut with you. Keep them in your handbag and when you're out and about and meet someone who you think would be a good client, give it to them. Tell them you'd love to have them as a client.

    WIN FOR THE CLIENT: they get a free fabulous haircut.
    WIN FOR YOU: they will tip you (and probably more generously since you gave the haircut for free) so you'll still be making a few bucks for your time. Assuming they love the haircut, they will come back to you and pay full price!

    What better way to make use of downtime then showing off your talents to a potential new client?

    TAKE IT ONE STEP FURTHER: After you finish with the client, hand them another gift certificate and say "Jennifer, if you love what I did with your hair today, will you give this to a friend of yours who you think would be a good client for me?" So now the client is out talking you up to her friend...what better way to spread the word about your talent then to get people talking about you!

    Choose your clients wisely as the goal is for them to turn into a full paying client.

    You can also give these in favor bags at high end charity events. But the gift certificates MUST look upscale if that's the image you are trying to present. Higher a good graphic designer who knows how to capture the modern, clean look that is in style.
  • Posted by bilalshreif on Accepted
    hi i would go with the hair fashion show like above. but I'll add a couple of points.
    I will choose a place where all my target clients can be available at the same time and place.that will be a mall in your town.
    you can rent a floor there for a day or two or more depends on your budget and here i am assuming your hair saloon is a woman's hair saloon.i would bring 1 or 2 of your best employee's and offer free hair brushing or hair cut . you distribute brochures for people who are watching your event and make sure to make some noise, hairdressers making noise dancing encouraging people to watch at least. you can attach a discount coupon on the brochure. and make sure always always to build a client database for your one time customers and your daily customers. this will help a lot in the future.
    don't forget make noise in the mall attract everyone.
    hope you like it and good luck.
  • Posted on Member
    I would also suggest that if business is down, the salon owner
    help to support his/her/their staff by holding an event(s) that would help bring new business into the salon.


  • Posted on Accepted
    My hair dresser gave me 5 business cards and had my name on the back of them. She told me to give them out as referrals and if all 5 people came to see her, she gave me a free cut and color. Thats a $100 value, but, she gained 5 new clients and a yr later they are all still with her! It was worth giving away 1 free cut and color to gain 5 clients...a no brainer. But imagine how many other people she gained besides by 5?! Good luck!

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