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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Bank Grand Opening Event Ideas

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Grand Opening for a new location is in three weeks. Have most of the specials and activities decided but I'm still wanting to make it really special and memorable for the community. Fairly new community bank and we are still building trust and brand recognition. Need some fresh Grand Opening ideas that will set our event apart from the competition!

  • Posted by Gail@PUBLISIDE on Accepted
    Engage the community. Invite a small local band to play...display kids art...make a monetary donation to a community cause to commemorate your grand opening.

    Show the community that your bank cares about it.
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you so much! I love your suggestions! We do have musical entertainment scheduled- it's a Flute Quartet from the community College. We are also giving away chamber dollars for door prizes and planning some cd specials as well as announcing a new product. I think the donation to a local charity is a wonderful idea but I'm afraid by doing so we may alienate others.
  • Posted by marketbase on Accepted
    Then spread the wealth around; divvy up the total amount (don't have to mention the amount anyway) and give to multiple causes throughout the community-- from toddlers to elders--every group would appreciate a donation in this economy!

  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    You won't alienate anyone if you give to the PTA or Boosters. Everyone supports the local school.

    Not sure where you are located but we had a client that served ice cream outside. They also did an espresso bar. With the espresso, we did free for bank clients and $1 for general public. Proceeds went to the school.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Bring in local business experts to consult (for free) with local business owners: marketing help, legal help, financial help, etc. Turn your event into a "business fair" which helps local experts get better known and positions yourself as a bank that wants to help the small business owner.
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks Tim! I love the ice cream push cart idea!! I'm going to have to look into that and see if we have a service like that available to us!! Also, liked the business fair idea but I'm bookmarking that for another time or event!!

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