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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Clothing Boutique Needing A Catchy Slogan For Vday

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
We are a fun and trendy fashion boutique offering clothing and accessories to women of all ages. Anyone have an idea for a Valentine's Day slogan?

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Love Our Clothing
    The Boutique Aphrodisiac
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you everyone. I'm loving these ideas. Keep them coming!
  • Posted on Author
    You know, the name of our boutique is 'Honey Threads'. Any more slogan ideas that would be cute with our name?
  • Posted on Author
    Those are such cute ideas! Though actually, we are 'Honey Threads' like when you refer to a woman as 'honey':). The 'Threads' part of the name stemmed from the alterations shop that we run inside our clothing store.

    Any more ideas:)???

  • Posted on Member
    Well, Valentine's is all about romance, right?
    * Clothing so nice you won't want to take it off. Not even for him.

  • Posted on Member
    I am very aware that the author said it was for clothing and alterations. But after 30 years in advertising I have learned that clients most often do not know the most effective advertising strategy, which is why they seek professional advice. Simply doing what the client wants, rather than using a good advertising strategy to help deliver what they need, is a quick route to failure. Advertising alterations when alterations are a value-added feature and not a purchasing motivator, would fall into that category. A successful advertising message will differentiate them from the competition and there is nothing about alterations that would matter to someone looking to find a special outfit for Valentine's Day - which would be the only reason for this retailer to try and build a theme around the holiday. So, realistically, including alterations as part of the advertising strategy doesn't fly.
    Alterations can and should be sold as a value-added service once the customer is already in the store. It's the benefit realized by the purchase of a really special item of clothing, coupled with the imagined the outcome of that purchase, that will motivate women to come into the store.
    So, certainly the author is free to ultimately select what she wants, but a 'catchy' slogan without any real strategy behind it won't be very effective. Customers are very savvy, and they won't believe a message that tells them they'll 'love' something just because somebody said so. In fact, today's ultra multimedia environment has bred a whole new generation of consumers who are uber-sceptical and will simply not respond to simplistic and parochial messages.

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