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Topic: Career/Training

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Interior Redesign

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am thinking of starting an interior redesign business and do not want to pay the high price to get certified. Has anyone out there started a successful business without being certified. I'm not really interested in home staging, just the redesign part. Using what the client has already, I have been an interior decorating consultant and children's room designer for over 10 years and have a degree in Graphic design. I have done a lot of redesign stuff in homes and think that there is a great market for it with the economy the way it is. Is anyone working with out being certified? Please share your experiences.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Where are you located? I wasn't aware that there even was a certification for interior designers. I would think you can start your business without any formal certification.

    The thing you should do is plan up-front how you want the business to look and to grow. Create a rough business plan, figure out how you're going to set your pricing, how people will learn about you, exactly who your primary target audience will be and how they make decisions about hiring design consultants, etc.

    If you take the business planning seriously and do a good job, you'll find that things will go a lot more smoothly once you push the button and launch your business.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Unless you're targeting people who care about such certification, your portfolio will more than speak for itself. Certification can be a useful thing to have in any business: it gives you a baseline of third-party acceptance and (perhaps) a network to lean upon for help. But unless the profession requires certification (doctor, nurse, lawyer, electrician, etc.), it's simply an "extra".

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