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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Need Washing Machine Activation Ideas

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
my client is launching a new washing machine which has 6 types of motion inside providing neat,clean n hassle free washing. its an expensive the tg will be a little upper middle class.he needs activation ideas related to the brand.minimum man power more technology but should be scalable to multiple exposure in different locations. The USP of the machine depicts 6 types of motions for washing clothes, the technology replicates the traditional hand movements of washing clothes. The machine also doesnt have the belt - which used to be a part in the conventional machines there fore, enabling all types of motions - for washing clothes.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    6 types of motions for washing might be fun to show, but isn't truly important. Not having a belt also is something new, but again isn't truly important. What is? Are the clothes noticeably cleaner? Cleaner faster? Cleaner quieter? Cleaner with less water? Cleaner in smaller spaces? Ultimately that's why someone would buy your machine instead of someone else's. What can you share about the USP from the buyer's perspective?
  • Posted on Author
    The machine takes care of your cleans treats the clothes like practical it gives the buyers a flaunting value.a status symbol
  • Posted on Accepted
    I'm sure everyone wants to include a washing machine among their status symbols. "Hey, come see my new washing machine," or "Did I tell you about my great new washing machine." Not typical topics of conversations, are they?

    The belt-free operation might be great for the technically inclined, but that's typically of the typical folks who wash their clothes.

    Sell the "cleaner" angle, perhaps shorter wash time, perhaps lowered water use, benefits that are important to the end user, not just the techies who do laundry.
  • Posted on Author
    Yes I do agree with you.i want to highlight the taking care of clothes part.6motions replicate the hand wash which is actually the best wash u can your do I do that is the question.i seek your help in answering the question
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    So your primary benefit/USP is ... "our washing machines replicate the hand washing process to better clean laundry".

    Tagline options:

    Hand Washing, by Machine
    Hand Wash Cycle Instead of Old Machine Cycle
    The Only Machine With A Hand Wash Cycle
  • Posted on Author
    thanks steve, exactly what i was looking at but how i create an activation on it is the problem.i am struggling with that part.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    Can you expand on what you mean by "activation"? Please be specific with a few examples.
  • Posted on Author
    Activation is direct b2c communication.more of one on one interaction.experimental marketting. Just type brand activation in google. It like a activity in a mall that promotes a brand not a sales driving activity more of a pr driving activity.a direct contact point between makers n potential buyers
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    Great you mean "brand" activation, yes there is good information via a google search.

    The problem seems to be you have skipped a very important step - writing a marketing plan. A well developed marketing plan will include a section on "implementation" (sometimes called "roll out"), so you activate by implementing your plan. Your plan will include a budget for each of the following brand communications activities; PR, DM, Website, E-mail, Telephone, Print, Radio, TV, Outdoor advertising, Events, Brochures etc.

    The plan will also detail your distribution strategy and any strategic partners. It appears you have a relatively small budget hence a b2b direct communications approach. Is this b2b for distribution partners, direct sales to retailers, direct volume sales to homebuilders or other?

    Perhaps the most direct method is just call your initial target audience. Develop some branding materials you can use to warm up the call and send as a follow up to a call.

    But the best advice is to write a plan, include a 'brand activation" section with a budget and follow the plan. If you need funding, then write a funding plan.

    Sorry if this is not a magic bullet, this forum has some limitations, especially in plan writing. There are some excellent marketing experts here who can further help you. Check out their profile for contact information.

  • Posted on Author
    Thats all you said hand wash by machine if you were to implement that idea what activity would u do in a coke made a vending machine that would dispense a bottle when someone comes n gives it a hug. Their idea was celebrating happinese.sprite installed multiple showers along a beach where people can refresh themselves as it promotes itself as a refreshing do creat a activity where I can communicate hand wash by machine.i hope I am able to make you understand
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    I do understand. It is not "all done". If it was you would be busy implementing your plan and not posting on this forum.

    You have skipped to a "creative brief" stage (without writing a creative brief) ... you have the cart before the horse.

    Get to work and best of luck.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi Avishek,

    I am assuming that you are launching this product in India and as you mentioned that TG is upper market segment. I want to ask you a question, how many upper class families in India, Walsh clothes on their own. They have servants to do that. Families are not concerned of how the clothes been washed. They want utmost care of the clothes. There are expensive set of clothes which are not supposed to be hand washed rather dry cleaned. I am not in a position to buy in the idea of hand wash becoming fun.

    Rather your USP should be about the utmost care of clothes. As you mentioned in one of your post, machines take care of clothes as baby. This is more important for a dress of Rs. 10,000.

    In terms of brand activation, you can promote people to bring in their dirty clothes and get them cleaned from you for free. Or ask them to wash them on their own. This will also help you in exposing the product directly to the customer and they will see the result.

    This will achieve two motives.
    1. Target customers will be exposed to the machine directly
    2. They will see the result on their clothes.

    Hope this will help you.

    Nishant Manchanda
  • Posted by sarvavelamuri on Accepted
    How about machine demo in a few chosen outlets along with sales personnel explaining the USP of the machine. Maybe ask people to participate in some kind of 'slogan' competition while at the outlet or get people to participate in spot quiz and give out instant prizes,
    Nishants idea of getting people bring their dirty clothes and use the machine to wash it for free will surely work. Get a trained staff to assist.
    Good Luck with the activation!

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