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Know-How Exchange

Topic: Website Critique

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What Do You Think When You See This Website?

Posted by dun_con75 on 125 Points
Just looking for thoughts on this "professional website" that was built and I will hold my opinion. thoughts? whats the first thing you think

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    The first thought I had is that it's unclear from the homepage headline/image who the target audience is. As I read the fine print I got the idea that the business serves doctors. But why should I have to read fine print to figure that out?

    Second thought is that the website would be much more valuable if it had landing pages that are specific to what the target audience is seeking. How do you expect the right people to find the website? What are they likely to want? How would they express the need? That's what should be on the page.

    Good advertising (and the website IS advertising) is all about the benefit the target audience wants, not about what the advertiser wants to sell them. Cut out half the words and focus on the big-idea benefit for the target audience.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted

    my first impression was of an "ordinary" website. Trying to sell everything to everybody and focussing on nothing. I am not so scathing as Mike - however you should focus on the things your clients really need.

    Which is of course a problem: what do they need of you? That takes time and needs listening. As I recall, you have some experience in this already, so you should know a little about the "pressure points" that they have. Address these clearly, with the biggest one emphasized.

    I would also suggest focussing on the results you have had for others. Results are what people look for, not information alone.

    Hope this helps.

    M xx
  • Posted by KSA on Accepted
    First impression? Not very professional.

    --If doctors are your target market, make that plain in the header, use a tag line, etc.
    --I think it looks like a fairly generic template design.
    --The fonts aren't consistent on all pages
    --Without an address, I don't think you're for real
    --The copy emphasizes "we", yet the About is all about Alan, and at that, there is nothing on that page that tells me why I should work with him (or them)
    --What is with the 3 fields in the right column? It's not a contact form since there is a link underneath to go to the contact page to contact you. Why would someone fill out the fields? There isn't even a Send button. There's no indication of what it's for. Either put a Comment field on it and a Send button, and call it Contact Us or something similar, or get rid of it.
    --The Services page is really unnecessary and too long for anyone to want to read.
    --There are no calls to action except the one below
    --The Start Now link on the Business Formations page wants me to open or save a PDF? I have no idea why.

    ----If I decide to take the chance, the form in the PDF is much too detailed for a Getting Started. It's just a very poor call to action. This is a professional service, not a CD purchase. I suggest that a prospect will want to talk to someone before filling out this form. How would they know what to choose without any guidance?

    ----And, it's ironic, because the copy on that page states "From the time you initially contact us, you can expect one-on-one assistance, not a pack of paperwork those do-it-yourself sites offer." Whoops.

    Overall, I think the design leaves a lot to be desired, and someone needs to go through the site to punch up the copy, add reasonable calls to action, make the font consistent, and so forth.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted on Accepted
    Dun Con,

    I am unsure of the legal requirements for the USA so my commentary would have to be tempered to take your legislation into account.

    You are targeting doctors and other medical professionals. Do they know what a CFO is and do they understand the jargon in the financial services industry?

    Ask yourself what is the most important thing that they want to do? I would say it is the same as in the UK - Pay the minimum legal amount of Tax. With this in mind have you considered making this the theme of the website? How you have saved so many of your clients unnecessary payments so that your fees are small in comparison.

    Another reason for using a financial services professional is to get rid of all the paperwork that most people are nervous about in case they make a mistake and it costs them more. You can "win back your Sunday afternoons and spend them with your family instead of filling in your IRS forms"

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Nigel T Packer
  • Posted on Accepted
    There is nothing on the site that tells me how he is qualified to perform any of the services listed.

    Any accounting / bookkeeping experience?

    Tax experience?

    Investment advisory experience?

    Any professional memberships or certifications in any of those areas? Why would I trust this firm?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Gee, I didn't intend for my comments to be "scathing." I was simply responding to the question about my first thoughts when I saw the website.

    If there's something "scathing" in my remarks, please excuse my insensitivity. I really was trying to be helpful. And if you'd like to discuss my reactions (and perhaps some solutions to the problems I've identified), feel free to contact me via the email address in my profile. We can schedule a mutually convenient time to talk by phone.
  • Posted by dun_con75 on Author
    I want complete honesty the truth hurts sometimes but that is how we become better.

    thank you all for your comments
  • Posted on Accepted
    "Bland" is the first word that came to mind. The content (copy) is poorly written and too wordy, in addition to the typeface being too small.

    There's nothing there to grab the attention of a visitor to the site, nothing that makes him or her want to sign up.

    And I would not call this site "professional." Sorry, but I assume you're looking for an honest opinion.
  • Posted by dun_con75 on Author
    No I am. This site was not built by me. I will revamp it after the new website was built
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    What has your analytics told you about the site's effectiveness? How many visitors have provided you their contact info? How many of these have converted into clients?

    As others have mentioned, it's not obviously clear who specifically you help, why they need you, and why they should trust you to help them.
  • Posted by dun_con75 on Author
    the new website is up for testing only. Please let me know what your opinion is

    Posted question:

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