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Topic: Website Critique

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New Website Looking For Opinions

Posted by dun_con75 on 50 Points
My company has recently built a new website and before the official release. Please free to post your true and honest opinions given that you have a solution or recommendation with it. The website is as follows

Thank you

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Firstly, to correct a minor error it's

    I presume everyone knows what a CFO is, because I don't. My boyfriend from five years ago was a Porsche driving surgeon (more interested in Porsches, which is one reason he got himself gently dumped). From the things he said, he wasn't interested in knowing about the things you talk about, like ...

    "5 Mistakes Most New Physicians Make Regarding Corporate Compliance, Accounting and Retirement Plans

    Why All Small Businesses Need A Business Manager: Time Management, Reduce Costs & Protect Assets

    Why New Physicians Must Incorporate and Outsource Accounting: Lower Taxes, Protect Assets, Save More

    Why Your LLC, Corp, PA, PC May Not Be Valid: Corporation Service Company by Expert Business Mgr

    Avoid Mistakes Small Businesses Make: Corporation, LLC Accounting and Payroll By Expert Business Mgr

    Independent Contractor Physician Corp Case Study: Avoid Tax Lien, Invest, Judgment Proof Assets"

    He wanted results, pure and simple**

    I am sure that you can do this, only just doing so with a case study doesn't really utilize the sort of copy that grabs attention. Just looking at the figures it is fair enough - only how much are you charging for this service? I guess it is there somewhere.

  • Posted by KSA on Accepted
    Wow, this one is much better. Still don't like the two navigation areas. And, they're the same except for some drop downs. I'd just use the horizontal menu at the top.

    I suggest more contrast between some of the lettering and the background color. For example, where it says Corporation Services at the top of that page. And, the Our Mission and Alan J. Conner, etc on the About page. very difficult to read.

    I assume you'll put some padding around the photos and have the content wrap around each. And, you'll need to upgrade the meta tags on all the pages for SEO. And, you'll proof to find errors like:

    Seen enough? Lets get started with your own personal CFO to help you save! If [your] one of the people

    I'm still unsure of the message. the tagline under the logo doesn't help. and the 3 boxes on the home page don't help.

    The flash at the top of the home page? Real Proof of what?, Financial Freedom, how? Stand Out??? Do I want to do that?

    Forget the "what you do" and get down to the "how it benefits my prospects". What is the benefit of Wealth Management or Physician Corporations?

    I suggest replacing the existing tagline with something that hits on the overall benefit of a doctor working with you. And, maybe even make it larger so people will know what you're offering as soon as they hit the home page.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    KSA has some good points regarding mechanical design, but her most important comment is:

    "Forget the 'what you do' and get down to the 'how it benefits my prospects.' What is the benefit of Wealth Management or Physician Corporations?"

    Your homepage fails to identify the target audience or describe a benefit for that target audience. Why might a physician want to read further? It sounds like you're either a financial person or a "CFO" (if they know what that is). And with a name like "MyPhysicianCFO" it might even be for patients who need to deal with their physician's CFO (if they can figure out who that might be).

    Net: You're too focused on what YOU do, and not focused on the BENEFIT you can deliver to your target audience.

    Have you interviewed a reasonable sample of your target audience? If not, you might want to start with that. Talk to a dozen people in your audience. Don't try to sell them anything. Just ask a few high-gain questions. Listen to what they say. Take detailed notes, using their words whenever possible.

    When you've completed at least 10-12 solid interviews, step back and review your notes. They will tell you what your target audience needs and what words they use to describe those needs. You'll know what the emotional triggers are.

    And then you'll be able to frame your offering in a way that will be meaningful -- even compelling -- for your target audience. It will change the way you present yourself to them ... and it will lead you to a much more effective website.

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