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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Slogan For Business

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hi to all,<br /><br />I am setting up a new Real Estate Business (property).<br />I am from Malta (Europe) and I specialise on properties in the South of our country.<br />My company would be named B Properties.<br />Can you please help me in finding a slogan.<br />I was thinking of:<br />considering south? B Properties<br /><br />Any other ideas?

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Hi, K Beeston

    now this is a forum, and given your profile, these things are not easy to determine.

    I am presuming you have experience in your business and know the ins-and-outs. These are not times where you can just set up a stall and expect to make a living.

    Now: does "B Properties" suggest anything to the locals?

    Nitty gritty: who are your intended customers, what do they like (apart from just wanting a property in the south). We are talking specifics here, because speaking to them directly will pay big dividends. Selling to everyone and lowering the quality of your slogan to sell to everyone will devalue it immensely. Branding takes a great deal of time, effort and money.

    Start by being as specific as you can.

    In the mean time, try this

    "Holiday Homes in the south"
    "Look south, not north!"
    "It's prettier down here"

    Any good? Let us know. Moriarty
  • Posted on Author
    Dear Moriarty,

    Thanks for your reply. Our business is to find owners of properties who want to sell their home and help them find a potential buyer and we charge the lowest commission possible. So we will be dealing with any type of property for all the clients needs. I want that sellers come to us and not go to others.

    I am planning to distribute door-to door leaflets in south localities saying something like this " Want to sell your property? Are you looking for your dream house?"

    B Properties came from my girlfriends surname and my surname as both start with a B and so we decided to name it something we have in common.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Good morning!

    Firstly a warning about offering low commissions - it implies you are cheap and don't do a good job. You are better off starting from a more professional standpoint. Indeed, charging more might even work to your advantage.

    A thought on your company name - would it not be more professional to have your surnames (family names) which then look like a more reliable establishment?

    Now: whatever you do, and however many people you sell to, you will still serve a small section of the community. There are myriad reasons for this - the one thing I will say is that there are clients that are such a pain that you would happily wish them on your opposition. Usually they are the ones who want everything for nothing - that is to say, they choose you because you are the cheapest. This is a very real danger. Not being the cheapest is a very good strategy against this sort of client.

    Your small section of wonderful clients - and you will find ones that really like what you do - will like you in a personal way. They like how you do things. Emphasize this and you will attract them. Do what you do best, and do it better - and advertise that.

    What did you think of my crummy slogans ?? M xx

  • Posted on Author
    Well I liked your slogans but I wans't considering something cheesy
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    More results for less money
    Find your Malta property in paradise
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    "B Properties" sounds like you only list second-rate properties. Wouldn't most people like to think they are being represented by an agent who sells "A Properties?"

    I think your problem is first to come up with a name that communicates an important and unique benefit. If you do that, you may not even need a slogan, or you can use the slogan to express the emotional payoff for your target audience.
  • Posted on Accepted
    "B Properties" is likely to have little or no meaning for your potential customers. Seems to me it's little more than an ego trip using a meaningless initial. Believe me, no tagline will be able to save that name...'cause the name simply doesn't work.
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for all your posts.. Can you give me and idea of what name I shoudl give my business then, and possibly a tagline. Just a little background I am going to deal on properties in the South of Malta, my job is to find properties which are for sale and I help owners sell.

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