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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Planning To Give Out My Property As A Grand Prize

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
Been selling my property for how many years now and since that recession is still on, i know that nobody in their decent mind or budget would buy it with the price that i am asking. Do you think that by giving it out as a grand prize in a game or in raffle draw, would it attract more people or would it be feasible?

I am targeting 2500 people (only for certain country) and tickets or punch cards costs $40/ for 10 rounds of games.

and out of that 2500 people, if it would be fully covered and targeted it'll pay off for everything.

Not to mention the opportunity to earn thru food stall rental and selling, beverages, sponsorships and ticket selling.

Do you think it'll work?

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Given what you say from your last question, would you be able to interest two and a half thousand people to shell out $40 for something they don't want?

    There are always opportunities even in the height of a depression - they don't usually have much to do with commodities, which your farm is producing. Is there nothing you can do with the coconuts that would make you a decent living instead?

    It rather reminds me of the chap who sold his farm in Pennsylvania who went to Canada with his brother to look for oil. When still at home he kept a plank across his stream and had to clear the black sludge off the water so his cows would drink it. His farm was later sold on to an oil company.

    Given your imagination and tenacity, is there really nothing you could do with the situation you have right now that could turn even a modest profit?

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Yes, it could work. For example see:
  • Posted on Author
    @M -- I have tried all the possible marketing methods and the reason I only priced it out in dollars is for the crowd or viewers to relate instead of putting it in our local currency.

    The target market that I am aiming is not like americans who has the luxury of money or bank loans that they can afford even lands in Asia.

    These ethnicity needs to work their heads off for 10years before they can acquire a large property like mine--which in our country it's already a big thing.

    Owning a property for only $40 in a game of chance, i think deserves a lot.

    It's like buying stocks in a large corporation or in a stock market where you know that the game keeps on ticking and growing instead of losing.

    People loves to win and loves to have a prize even if it's in the form of raffle or gambling.

    I have been selling this property for five long years now and I started selling it for $100,000 then gone down to $50,000 and now $35,000.

    Can you imagine that one prick minded guy asked for $15,000 for it? So when this hit me, it's like i'm almost giving away my land and that's where this idea rooted from.

    I am also trying to negotiate with a group umbrella where they have all the access to the groups database in this country.

    I am not gonna sell this game by myself coz there is no way that I can come up and meet with the quota of 2500 people in a span of few weeks.

    As for the making money, you know it takes a lot to export virgin coconut oil or coconut meat in the US or European part, not unless that there's one interested party who's ready to give me a hand and shake it off as a deal.

    But as for making it as our business, no it's not feasible to make money from the coconut alone itself. If there's an investor who's keen on starting a farm resort or hotel then yes why not.

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