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Still a bit of a novice on web marketing, looking for expert advice to improve my search engine ranking.
- Advice on best way to submit details to a search engine.
- Common dos & don't affecting search engines profiling
I am currently using
- google adwords,
- keywords for page title & descriptions
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    I'm not sure that Andrew's link is working correctly.

    Your question has been posted here a gazillion times. There is a treasure trove of SEO info you can use in this forum's archives.

    Click the Search Questions link on the right side of this page. Try using the keywords "search engine" and look through some of the Q&A threads that come up in the results.

    You should also use the Search BOX at the top of this page to find some excellent MarketingProfs articles on the subject of SEO. The best of them require a Premium membership -- well worth the five bucks for a month-long look at all of the content.

    While you're at it, visit the Important Guidelines page and you'll learn how to get the most from this forum. Welcome!
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    Hi Simplex,

    I recommend "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies" and "Building Your Business with Google for Dummies". You can probably pick up used copies on or for less than $15.00 each.

    Also, Google has TONS of information and tutorials on AdWords. Read it all.

    Lastly, should be on your daily read list as should

    The list goes on...... but that is where I would start.

    The only way you will really understand SEO and SEM is to start reading everything you can and start implementing what you've learned, and this will take you time.

    I hope that helps!
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    From your question I understand your problem relates to natural search engine ranking.

    Let me make some points about this:
    All search engines whether yahoo or google seek to provide users with the most relevant sites to what they are searching.

    Your goal then should be to prove this. You need to have pages that are rich in keywords that your target market use.

    Have the keywords in your headings, sub headings, page titles and in the content. Of course you need to do this in a way that makes sense to your human visitors not just the search engines.

    Develop a linking strategy now that some engines like Google use this to evaluate the popularity of your site. Dont spam just do it like a great wise businessman.

    Make sure you submit your pages to all search engines- At least the top five. They provide 90% of all search engines traffic.

    Make great use HTML. Avoid having important information of your site in graphics, flash, javascript etc. Remember to be check on tips on how to optimize your site if it is a dynamic site.

    Hope this takes you somewhere.

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