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Topic: Just for Fun

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Apprentice - Year Two

Posted by MonMark Group on 275 Points
Just for Fun, and for those who may have watched or paid attention to this season of The Apprentice, what did you learn, and what were your observations about this year's crop of Applicants?

What do you believe next year will bring when the producers pit well-educated, college graduates against high school grads who have created their success on the streets?

The promotion is something like "Street Smart vs Book Smart".

All for Fun and Fun for All


  • Posted by JBtron on Accepted

    First season: I saw every second.
    This season: I only saw the finale.

    Other than the fact that they had much better paid sponsor visibility by putting them in the tasks, and the fact that they turned the finale into a CIRCUS, I learned that Donald Trump is still a ratings machine.

    FYI: STREET wins next season!

    Hope this helps!


  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    Actually, I quit watching it because I thought the people were obnoxious.

    Next season sounds much more interesting!
    My bet is on the street team. . .
  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Accepted
    We are about half way into season two here in NZ, i am not watching it because it is boring. Next season sounds like a good idea. I hope they donít ruin it with all the dam advertising.

    Street all the way

    Carl Crawford
  • Posted by jillm on Accepted
    I must agree -- the street smarts team is my bet to win next season.

    I was disappointed by the finale -- they clearly stacked the deck towards Kelly winning (sorry to be the spoiler for those who haven't heard!), and I felt a little bit like the others were shoved aside, even though they hadn't been fired yet. It was waaaayyyy too circus-y, and the "casual" or "ad-libbed" moments were clearly contrived. Ugh.

    Thanks for the fun conversation!

    - Jill
  • Posted by tjh on Accepted
    In season one, I was continually nagging that: If these 14 or 16 or whatever people are the prime selections from over a million applicants - we're in trouble. Then, I had to consider that these are the people that someone selected... (Trump? Someone working on his standards for selections?)

    Then, ultimately, I'm left knowing that many participants were chosen simply for absurd, dramatic, melodramatic purposes - surely not for their resume of company-building skills.

    Season two seemed slightly better on the quality of the players as a whole... but not much.

    It's a personal thing. I'd much rather see all the business discussions that take place during the tasks, the application of their knowledge or skills, etc., rather than the melodramatic outtakes tailored for "good TV" (is there such a thing?)

    What are the odds I'll ever see any of that?


  • Posted by Pepper Blue on Accepted
    Hi RM,

    I watched about 8 episodes of Season 1 and only about 3 of Season 2, includng the finale (way too long).

    However, the media kept me as updated as if I had watched the show anyway. NBC has way too much into this too not saturate every channel they are affiliated with.

    Like Survivor after Season 1, the contestants in The Apprentice had an idea of how the game should be played. Conventional strategy could be cast aside. You will find this even more in Season 3 because the Street People will not have the Ivy League polish that pulled people like Kwame and Jennifer through.

    Street vs. Book vs? Depends on how Mark Burnett and Trump want to manipulate it, not on the skills the contestants possess. I won't call it, I've been wrong on too many Survivor winners.

  • Posted on Accepted
    I didn't get to watch the Apprentice because here in Italy we could actually win a prize for the worst tv programming in the entire universe.

    I followed it online every now and then and actually I like the premise. It may be contrived and Trump really is a walking billboard, but I believe The Apprentice still offers viewers a show that will let them use their "little grey cells" (as Monsieur Poirrot would say)!
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Author
    I am going to leave this post up for a couple more days, to see if I can draw in a few more responses. I am fascinated with the personal aspects of this program. Sure, it is the ratings and sales game, but to put applicants in such incredible pressure situations, and how their responses differ, is quite interesting.

  • Posted by Theresa H. on Accepted
    I learned more from season 1 than season 2.

    Season 1 helped me validate some of my attitudes and ideas about business and business conduct. I learned that I am not out in left field - as someone told me early in my career. Left field is here some winning ideas come from.

    Season 2 was a disappointment. Too much drama.

    It also showed that you don't have to know much about business to get to the top. You just have to stay under the radar, take credit where it is not due to you and hope someone on you team does a worse job at their doing assignment than you did at not really doing yours. Either that, or be a really good litigator.

    I felt as though both seasons - particularly season 2 - showed the importance of marketing and a strong marketing strategy in any business. In a number of tasks, it was poor marketing or lack of marketing that lost it for a team.

    Season 3 -- I hope street wins. I think The Donald will lean that way considering his own climb to icondom.

  • Posted by michelletrex on Accepted
    Wasn't the winner of season two the same person as season one?

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Author
    My thoughts go along with a lot of yours.
    What I learned from season 1 is that the best can win with hard work, attention to detail, long hours. I believe that was how Bill built his original business.

    I believe that the drama aspect in season 2 went completely overboard...This crap about alliances is ridiculous.

    I understand television, but as Ivana stated in the final (we) do not get to see much of the three days between the initial challenge and the board-room.

    And finally, who the hell let Amorosa into the theater?


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