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Topic: Advertising/PR

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What Is Integrated Marketing?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hello Marketing Experts!

I have heard the term "integrated marketing" but don't know exactly what it means. I know it has something to do with drawing in customers, and would like to have the term explained in detail and how using it would be beneficial to build my staffing firm client base. I live in a relatively small suburban area in central Ohio with in a city with a population of about 50,000. It is mostly a middle class predominately blue collar industrial environment, although our staffing firm places individuals for clerical as well as manufacturing and industrial in general. The marketing has become stagnant and it is my job to rejuvenate it. Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated!


  • Posted on Accepted

    Integrated marketing is much and little depending on one's perspective.

    There are those who believe it refers to maximizing a marketing-mix (e.g., integrated media) brought to bear on a targeted audience in support of a product or service being offered in the marketplace.

    Integrated marketing communications (IMC) extends beyond this in that it assumes the perspective of the customer or prospect in developing marketing communications.

    It takes into account controlled and uncontrolled communications, outgoing messages as well as customer- or prospect-initiated communications (e.g., how the telephone is answered in your office is a form of communications).

    It is a bit more complicated than this but not much. As to your question regarding how using it would be beneficial to build your staffing client base, I believe it would be very beneficial.

    IMC requires you to genuinely understand your customers and prospects, including understanding their needs regarding staffing, understanding how, when, and where they are most receptive to communicated messages, and understanding how to foster mutually beneficial ongoing conversations. The emphasis on marketplace conversations, of course, encourages the use of interactive media, including the Internet.

    I hope this brief summation is of some assistance.


  • Posted by Norwood on Member
    Another simple way to look at integrated marketing is to think about your customer (your target, ideal customer) and analyze all media that you'll need to use in order to reach him/her with your message. Integrated marketing also deals with managing those media so that you coordinate activities that will generate a higher impact when combined.

    Different customers will require a combination of different media. In your case, you need to come up with the ideal combination (radio, tv, newspaper, etc.) that your budget allows and draw up a plan to use them in the most effective way possible.

  • Posted on Accepted
    There is a nice article on this site itself.

  • Posted by marketingsmartly on Member
    I have been in the Marketing arena for more than 4 decades and have taught and written on the subject of "Integrated Marketing Strategy" almost as long. When asked to define it I refer to a description of marketing I read in 1969 in a book written by Theodore Levitt, Harvard's Marketing guru at that time.

    "Marketing is all the exhilarating big things and all the troublesome little things that have to be done in every nook and cranny of the entire corporate organization in order to achieve the purpose of attracting and holding a customer."

  • Posted on Accepted

    I read the article you suggested to Beth some time ago, and some time ago I found myself in disagreement with the author's premise that the "risk with integration lies in its rigidity -- its inability to handle change and dynamic competitive forces."

    This is particularly so with integrated marketing communications (IMC) which extends far beyond the mere bundling of media for synergy's sake.

    As one of the key premises of IMC is "data-driven, purposeful dialogue with customers, prospects and stakeholders," it would seem positioned to avoid the potential failures of mere "integrated maketing" as identified in the article you recommend, including incorrect strategic assumptions, poor communication, and inferior tactical execution.

    If you are having meaningful and mutually beneficial marketplace conversations with customers and prospects, there should be no incorrect assumptions, poor communications, or problems with tactical execution.

    The value of the article, in my estimation, would seem to be in its ability to identify the pitfalls in misunderstanding the potential of integrated marketing when the focus continues to be on marketing as something done to customers rather than with customers at a time when consumers are increasingly insisting on being co-creators of value in the marketplace.

    Just some thoughts.


  • Posted by night_butterflz on Accepted
    Heres what IMC is:

    IMC is customer driven. IMC involves catering to the customer by using an integrated marketing plan to form ONE message. So you have the following: Marketing, PR, Promotions, Advertising. Followed by sub-categories: direct mail and website communication.

    All the above tactics should have the same message you want your customer to grasp. You find this message by mining your database. In other words, take your research to form the message, and put it out in all forms of communication. (mentioned above) The marketing mix is integrated into one message.

    Start with goals.

  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Hi Beth,

    Good input with some variety so far. As with most marketing concepts there are different ways of looking at IMC. Hereís our firmís way -- first, let's define integration. According to Webster's, it's "the combining or coordination of separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, integrated whole." Integrated marketing communications, then, is not a singular activity, but one with many components that can be applied to a given marketing challenge. For example, consider business-to-business (B2B) marketing communications. Typical B2B marcom components include advertising, direct marketing, marketing collateral, public relations and web marketing. IMC is about the holistic combining of these components to create higher value and quality while cutting costs.

    The best way to illustrate IMC is via a case study:

    I hope this helps you,

  • Posted on Member
    IMC is a concept of all aspect of marketing as-advertising, sales promotion, public relation, and dividing communication in several department including internet, TV , newspaper and magazine. the main Gael of IMC is build positive relationship with customer and try to catch customer with best communication .At last we an say IMC is not a singular activity, but one with many components.

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