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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Creative Ideas On Promoting A Casino

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
i work in an advertising agency and a potential customer is a CASINO. we are preparing a presentation regarding the ways it can be promoted. this casino is located in FYROM a nearby country of Greece. we are a company in Greece, and the casino will be promoted to Greeks also, since its really near to our city!

so we are looking for creative ideas for promoting the casino!these can be in form of an event, or communication!
any ideas are welcome!

  • Posted on Accepted
    I don't know what the market is like in your part of the world. Are there other casinos, or likely to be? What sets your client apart from the others? How is gambling viewed? How is travel to the Casino's home state viewed? All these answers will help us give you better answers.

    Having said that, I have always felt that casinos that promoted the overall entertainment value of their venue were on more solid footing than those that used the "Strike it Rich" style of promotion. Promote tourism with gambling as a part of that vs. gambling as the primary purpose for the tourism.

    I hope this helps and I look forward to your response!

  • Posted by rob on Accepted
    Yes, I think promoting the overall value to the customer, besides the thrill of losing their money, is always a good proposition. But as Bill pointed out, it would be helpful to know more about the market situation you will be deailng with in order to give you better ideas and concepts.

  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Member
    hi sofia

    like bill mentioned, we need more information, specially on the competition, uniqueness of your client etc. to help you better.

  • Posted by marketingsmartly on Accepted
    Event marketing that stands out from the norm will build the "heavy-hitter" crowds necessary for a casino's growth, plus they generate vast PR when implemented correctly.

    We have in the past and are still partcipating in a number of events, throughout the world, built around boxing matches at premier locations that raise funds for charities.Casinos are some of the locations involved. These are all black-tie affairs that draw a significant VIP crowd because the are based on the appearance of our client, the former world heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist - Joe Frazier.
  • Posted on Member
    Thanks for your response! It seems that you could use an elegance and class angle. I agree that it seems like events are the way to go. Sell the excitement and glamor of the whole experience. Of course your casino is a major element in that experience, but only one element.

    Perhaps you could have a James Bond weekend, in which the participants could enjoy your posh hotel and spa, gamble and frolic as James Bond did, and maybe even participate in a Murder Mystery Dinner. You could even give everyone a coupon for a free Martini, Shaken, not Stirred.

    You could also promote your facility as a couples get-away. Too often gambling establishments are promoted with a wink and a nod. Currently Las Vegas is using the slogan "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" campaign. It seems to me, that you could counter that type of promotion with a Couples Getaway promotion that features the pampering, luxery and excitement that your collection of amenities offers.

    I hope this helps!

  • Posted on Member

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  • Posted on Member

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