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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Un Conventional Marketing Ideas - Cooking Oil

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
i want to break away from the conventional advertising in a hypermarket.Floor vision, bill boards etc are great for branding but it does not help me to create sales. It would be great if the "advertising" gimmicks not only benefit the consumers but at same time the hypermarket! ( boost sales and receive advertising fees at same time).

I am in the cooking oil industry

  • Posted by adammjw on Accepted

    I do not agree as your main concern should be consumers.Your product should be focused on consumer needs and all POS advertising has to address what your consumers value.Then you have to enhance the benefits consumers enjoy when purchasing your oils, be it health and/or taste and/or convenience benefits.


  • Posted by chough on Accepted
    I'm a little bit confused by your question. If your goal is to boost sales of your product (cooking oil) in a Hypermarket situation, that's fine, and their are a raft of solutions to do that for you, but how do you propose to receive advertising fees at the same time? Keeping things singleminded, there are loads of things you can do that are out of the ordinary, like in-store demos, cook off, taste tests, creating theatre around the brand. Is their an advertising campaign you can hook your Point of Sale into? Is there in-store radio? Think about the customer journey from leaving home, arriving at the hypermarket, complimentary purchases, (what else are your prospects buying that they will need your oil to cook in?), to where your product is on shelf, and after that at the till, to give a reminder/second opportunity to purchase. I hope I've understood your question correctly!
  • Posted by smile on Accepted
    I would suggest Direct Marketing with distribution of small sample pouches of the oil. FMCG products like oil- unless the consumer gets to tatse it once he will always be skeptical about changing from his current brand -which his taste buds are so use ,to your company's brand.

    Also the offer in the case of door to door sales should be a lucrative one- instead of introducing a special reduced price of the oil packet , accompany it with some useful kitchen accesory like a oil container .

    Lastly with a satisfied customer ensure you can get referrals of people who the customer thinks would be interested in testing the cooking medium, and award him with a surprise gift depending on the number of referrals received.

    This should help in word of mouth advertising as well as sales.
  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    hi jeffrey

    What is your USP, why would one buy your brand leaving others? these needs to be looked into

    anyway, great ideas by Holy City Rollers. my 2 cents are......

    1. you can organize a Cooking Competition and sponsor that event. there will be categories and the oil used in the contest will be only your brand. there will be a panel of judges comprising of famous cooking experts/chefs and the winner will get a mega prize.

    2. Organize a Cooking Demonstration at hypermarkets. you can bring in famous cooking experts/chefs or you can pick some of consumers who have just bought your brand or competitor brand. provide them with all the pre-cut ingredients and your BRAND. they will cook with you oil and promote your brand.

    3. usually cooking oil is an important part of the kitchen purchases. so those are purchasers of cooking oil usually dont change the brands they trust in a whim. You can offer with your brand some other kicthen items like spices, other additives as a free offer to induce consumers. but this free product has to be of trusted brand name, basically riding on that brand's shoulder to induce your consumers.

    hope this helps.


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