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Blogger Weblog Problems...

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And, of course, there is no "live" help at blogger, only auto-replies that do not answer my problem and only run me in circles.

This is my blog

I tried as recommended by others but with almost 200 pages of gobbledy-gook, I had to give up. I haven't has these problems with other blogs I write, just this one. I have gone thru every setting within the blog and can find no problems, either. (I was able to correct the "italics" problem I had...everything appeared in italics due to one small code problem.)

Here are my problems (and they persist on other computers too so it's not just my laptop):
1) My posts are cut-off. Check a few and you will see what I mean. The entire post does not show; it almost seems as there is a maximum length set for posts. I have the main page set to show up to 99 posts (I can show up to 999 per the blog settings), but as you can see, they are cut-off as well.


2) On several posts that are fairly short, the sidebar of the blog grows out of its frame and doesn't stay just on the right sidebar of the blog as it should. This is new and just happened tonight.

Seems that I fix one thing and another thing happens. HELP?!?!
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  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Member
    There seems to be no problem when viewing it in firefox 1.0.7 and opera 8.5
  • Posted by Billd724 on Member
    Missy --

    Great organization you have here! Nice.

    I am using Safari as my browser and I find 'NO PROBLEMS' viewing your entire blog . . . nothing seems out of place, cut off, etc.

    Maybe Puru's concern about adding an external java script like you referenced with Technorati's JS but say you've removed -- might have been the issue.

    Regardless, it worked fine for me.

    Continued success in your work -- your selection of photos -- the lion in the mirror, the sign post with 'success' 'failure' and 'status 'quo' are simply brilliant. Good work.

    And (now) a fully functioning blog, too! Things are looking UP! ;-)


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