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Ad Agency Contract Competition

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Hi all,

My CEO wanted me to invite two Ad agency to compete for our contract. The competition includes a media plan proposal, five creative prints to help our company achieve:
1. Brand awareness
2. Increase website traffic
3. Relate products to needs.

My dilemma is my CEO wanted to keep all the rights for the creative print.

My questions are;

Is this common practice? I know for a fact it cost the agency money to come with all those creative prints for us.

If we have to pay a fee, what would be a reasonable fixed cost?

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    My experience has been that your company paid for the creative, therefore your company owns it. Be sure to put this in the T&Cs. In this way, you can always re-use the graphics in other marketing communications later on. The fee should be included in the cost to produce one ad and some ad agencies may charge you based upon cost of stock photography, number of edit cycles, ad specifications, etc.
    Maybe someone out there has other advice.
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    I misunderstood your question. It is not right for you to keep the artwork that is used to get your business in the competitive bid. That is a cost to them, but your company does not have the rights to it until they hire them.

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