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I Want To Build A Pr Media List For Our Small Company Internal Use...

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I have been in senior positions in large companies for quite some time, but now I am part of a small company. I remember (before internet - mid 90s) that I could buy a Bacons List / or book... not any longer.

How does a small company with the appropriate knowledge and ability to professionally approah the media (without having to use a PR organization and their investment in the e-commerce solutions that are available) find a regional media list without building it themselves?

Our methodology would be to create a media friendly approach. Since most organizations are less seasoned they would hound the media if provided with this information, but we do not plan to approach someone who would help us by abusing them!

I have talked to PR Newswire and Bacons and I have found nothing! Does anyone have a suggestion????
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    Forgive me if this is too obvious, but I would look to local or industry-specific trade organizations ... maybe even your chamber of commerce.

    For example, in Southeastern Michigan, we have Automation Alley (, which maintains a list of local media and distributes press releases on behalf of its member companies. These lists are often available for free, rental or purchase.

    Also, contact your local IABC chapter ( Maybe join up and see where that gets you.

    If all else fails, perhaps you can use your contacts at larger firms to get access to their media distribution lists?

    Good luck
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    I have worked with not-for-profit organizations specializing in regional PR for some time. Check to see if there is a newspaper organization in your state--here it is the Kansas Press Association. They publish an annual directory of newspapers (and I recently found the same for Missouri). I get these every year--it's a great way to be sure my lists are updated. I talk with our marketing representatives in our locations--what and sometimes who are our prospects listening to. You can find out some through SRDS, but it won't cover smaller publications and broadcast stations. The suggestion of checking the Radio and Television News Directors Assoc. is an excellent one.

    Check Chamber of Commerce sites in the areas you wish to reach. Depending on size of region, you may also want to check state Chamber sites, especially when looking for business-targeted publications.

    Invariably, you wind up building your own list. But in the long run, so does a good PR organization as they develop relationships for their clients with specific media related to the client's business. For magazines and even newspaper editors, they do appreciate being asked how they want to receive news items and what topics to they feel are of most concern to their readers. Helps you target and will build you as a reliable source of information not only on your own business, but for broader topics.

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