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Marketing Sop's (standard Operating Procedures)

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I am looking for someone to share with me best practices on SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for Marketing.

I need to identify the key risk areas, which would require SOPs to be developed and write those procedures.

Would you have an example for your business, such as the Table of the Contents? This is for off-air marketing to Cable TV Viewers.

Thank you!

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    Dear Milena,

    Generally, we organize business-to-business (B2B) marketing objectives into 3 key categories:

    1. Develop your strategy

    2. Create tools & processes

    3. Generate & manage customers

    More specifically, the M.O. project plan would recommend:

    1. Evaluate your competition and your market to determine the best way to position yourself.

    2. Develop a brand strategy to convey the key value you deliver.

    3. Establish a pricing strategy and profitability targets.

    4. Develop your distribution channel(s).

    5. Create your sales process and tie it to your revenue goals.

    6. Calculate what your potential and current customers are worth (CLV).

    7. Develop your marketing plan & budget.

    8. Develop consistent messages, creative materials, and sales literature & tools that support your positioning and brand strategy.

    9. Set up and manage your sales team.

    10. Develop your marketing campaigns and plan your fulfillment and testing tactics. Potential campaigns could including telemarketing, email, direct mail, print ads, online advertising, publicity, search marketing, trade shows & events, traditional media, sponsorships and more.

    11. Launch campaigns, track response, and compare/test results.

    12. Make sure you have a good system for measuring campaign performance and tracking you return on investment (ROI). Adjust your plan and strategies as necessary.

    I welcome the opportunity for you to contact me offline.

    Best Regards,


    Jennifer Lueck
    Marketing M.O.
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    Thanks for your responses.

    I would be happy to see more answers...

    Has anyone had the actual experince developing Standard Operating Procedures for large corporations' marketing departments? What did the Table of Contents include ?
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    Hi Milena,

    Did you manage to make the SOPs. If yes can you share the headings with me please? I come from the telecom industry from Pakistan

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