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Shopping Cart Ad Costs?

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While researching the cost National CPG Brand companies pay for shopping carts ads, the best I can figure they pay is around $55.00 a day per store for ads on about 35 cart. Of those 35 carts, how many carts would you guess is on the floor at any given time? I'm trying to make an educated guess how much a National CPG companies would pay daily for an ad on a cart that stayed mobile and roamed the store aisles constantly from 11am until 7pm daily. I need the figure to be at least $5.00 a day for my idea to work. Look at my site to get an idea of what I'm trying to do. Thanks for any ideas, James
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  • Posted by bdggmg on Member
    Apparently you have done some basic research on rates for shopping cart advertising.

    The amount of time a shopping cart might be mobile is going to vary from store-to-store, market-to-market and even day-to-day.

    Your concept is far different than the grocery store model so you really can't make an apples-to-apples comparison. If you need $5 per cart per day to make your concept work, then price it that way and see if you can get advertisers to bite. Furthermore, you have practically no competition in your particular space.

    You could do some fairly simple focus group research with local advertisers AND consumers to see how they react. It's innovative but is it practical and convenient enough to warrant a shopping cart hanging off the back of their vehicle. Are they really going to leave it there if they are going for a fancy night out? When I get home from the grocery store, I have steps with which to contend to get into my house and kitchen so the thought of wheeling groceries in is a moot point. And 99% of the homes in this marketplace are similar. (Remember, you live in Florida where things may be different.) How does a consumer get a cart and the device which holds it on their car. What about consumers with different kinds of vehicles--something to think about with such high gas prices.

    Please understand I'm not being a soothsayer. These are practical matters marketing innovators must answer before launching a new product. Good luck.
  • Posted by bdggmg on Accepted
    Thanks for the further explanation. I have to admit I didn't read everything on your web site.

    Maybe you should try to engage yourself with one of the companies who sells the ad space on shopping carts to represent your product as well.

    They already have relationships with national advertisers, and they would be best-suited to advise you on what the market will bear. (Unless, of course, there are national advertisers on this forum willing to give you an opinion.) Again, market research of some kind would tell you what you want to know.

    Not certain why you want to limit your options to only national products on the shelves. You might be surprised who else would value the eyes in a grocery store.

    Also, what about the grocery store relationship? While they are reaping your business, what will they say about you making ad revenue off their customers?

    Good luck!

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