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What Advertising Media For A Small Videogames-business?

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I want to promote my (pretty small) store, which sells video games for gamecube, x-box and ps2 (furthermore it trades games).

it is located in a small town, 15 miles outside the town of corpus christi, texas - right at the highway!

the problem is, that I have a lot of competitors in corpus!

I have unfortunately hardly any ideas about advertising/promotion so please:-) be very patient with me!

thank you in advance for your help!
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  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted
    Although the possibilities are endless, here is what I suggest:

    1. Find out what promotions your competitors are using and use a better one. for example, if your competitor uses "Buy 2 Get 1 Free", you may want to offer "Buy 1 Get 1 Free". Of course, you may want place limitations such as "Buy any NEW game at regular price and get a USED game of equal or lesser value FREE".

    You may also consider a "punch card" promotion where after every transaction over $9.99, the customer gets a hole punched in a special card you provide. After 5 ppunches, they get a free game. You would have to have a custom hole punch or rubber stamp made to prevent fraud.

    2. Compare your pricing to their''s and either beat it right away, or offer to beat any price of a competor.

    3. Hold weekly video game competitions with a free game to the winner(s). Perhaps you could tier it into a championship with a Grand Prize of cash, gift certificates, or perhaps a game package or an exclusive accessory.

    4. I wold start out with an ad in local paper. Call for rates and see what you can afford. Local newsletters (the kind you see for free at restaurants and clubs) offer cheaper rates and usually have a large reader demographic. If you need help designing an ad, email me.

    5. Become a memeber of your local chamber of commerce (usually around $300). They will provide you with mailing lists for zipcodes in your area. Design a mailer, and blast an zipcode or two with mailer ads. Again, I can help with design.

    6. If you want to go the web route, go to the major game sites and email them about getting listed as a game supplier for your area and inquire about placing an ad on their site. Ask them for stats on visitors from your area before you commit.

    Well, That''s a start! You can alter and elaborate from these suggestions. If you need help with anything else or wish to discuss in further detail, email me at

    Good Luck!
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    What Jett says is bang on .. classic market planning exercise, on additional exercise you need to work on once you get customers coming in .... get to know them ... ask them what they want from a store like yours.

    Other suggestions:
    1. Try to build yourself a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is you can''t find a unique one then just pick a Single Selling Proposition (SSP) and work on that.

    2. Try not to focus too much on price, although you are in a price sensitive market, if your competitors can get their products cheaper than yuor you will lose in the end.

    3. Web presence: Pretty vital and an can be cheap.

    4. Reviews: Build loyalty in what you do by getting gamers to review games, either post these on your web site or in store.

    Good luck.

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