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How To Make My Ads More Measurable?

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
I am designing an ad for a B2B company and I already know about all the measurement variables such as "cost per enquiry", "ROi", "increase in level of brand awareness" etc. However, I need to know how to make the ads that I designing more measureable. Keep in mind that this is an ad for a B2B company so measurement techniques might differ(if they do not then please tell me about that as well). I can put "call now" and other such prompters in the ad and give a unique phone number etc. or a webpage and count the number of hits. I can also offer a free brochure of some sort to entice my customers to call. But is there any other technique I can use to make my ad more measureable? Also, Please do let me know about any method of measuring change in brand awareness and recall in B2B ads measurement.
Thank You in advance.
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