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Print Ad Effectiveness

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
I am from a tiny resort town of 267, comprised of small businesses. There is one print ad possible in our town. It is a sheet of paper sent to the same 850 homes in our general area month after month. It costs $15 per month for a business card size ad, which typically is simply a copy of the business owners business card. Sometimes the ads cost $30 if there is more information included.

As a member of a newly created business owners association, I would like to know and report if this is an effective way to advertise or if the money would be better spent elsewhere? My honest feeling is that this is a waste of money. I have heard many people simply discard this "calendar" and never even look at it.
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  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Member
    I agree with you. However, in such a small community, your resources and options are quite limited.

    You stated you "heard" most people throw it away. I would find out if that is a statistical fact by way of survey (my firm can help with implementing a survey).

    In the survey, I would inquire the residents that throw it away to give suggestions on what they would rather see and/or receive.

    That would be a good start. I would be more than happy to asist you with the survey and the reorganization of the publication if necessary.

    Good Question!
  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Member
    Does the newsletter contain graphics, pictures or articles of interest? Or is it just a photocopy of 267 business cards?

  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    I would agree with most comments that this doesn't seem to be the best way to spend your precious marketing budget.

    I like Jetts suggestion to use the money to survey the good townsfolk! This could include customer satisfaction, their needs and wants of the local businesses.

    The bottom line is, if they expect you ad to be there, chances are they will not miss it if its gone!
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    After another think about this, can you prove an ROI on your current activities ? If you can it may e worth keeping, if not, try to find out. Or if there is no ROI, dump this promotional method!

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