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Poke Holes In This. Tell Me Why We Won't Work

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We are about to launch a new Local Advertising product that, if received well, really will change the way local advertising is sold and measured across the country (At least for 22 or so industries we will launch for by end of year 2.)

However, because it is so new in so many ways, I expect many ad industry professionals will want to derail it and poke holes in it before we are given a chance to prove our model.

That's where you come in. Please nail us first. Review our ideas and value proposition here and be as critical or complimentary as deserved. I want to be as bullet-proof as possible at launch.

The actual site is NOT AVAILABE to view yet. However, I have included 2 links below that will allow you to browse a mock site that will certainly describe what we do well enough for comment on the concept and methods we are offering.

Jim Bonfield,
Sr. VP TeleDirect and InstantExpert Advertising

Imagine the local advertising buying process being more like online banking. Imagine a environment where small business owners can buy advertising and marketing packages created specifically for their industry with a few mouse clicks and a credit card.

This is InstantExpert. A one-stop-shop for pre-packaged, local advertising expertly designed by major media companies and advertising agency professionals.

An online "advertising vending machine" with full tracking, reporting and inbound call and lead processing services 24 hours a day.

InstantExpert(sm) empowers Trade Associations and Business Software Publishers serving specific trade groups, to assist their members and users with actual business and client development tools.

These packages are pre-configured for specific industries, taking the pain out of buying local, online, or traditional advertising while supplying a much needed service to members and users.

InstantExpert(sm) then provides 24 X 7 new customer intake services via our call and lead processing center located in Sacramento, California, where we currently process more than 185,000 leads for 3,200+ SMB clients monthly.

Beginning April, 2008, this service will be available to more than 8,300 chiropractors throughout the United States.

Soon after, InstantExpert(sm) will be available for a number of home service and medical industry professionals.

For more information, contact us at our Sacramento office 1-800-570-3005

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