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50th Birthday Celebration

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This is a 50th Birthday Celebration!
The event is to reconnect all friends and family with new. Celebrating the achievements and memories of ‘Atem’ the birthday Guy!
We will host around 80 pax during the event.

There will be children attending this event as well as the adults. Mixture of locals & Expats.

What could we do to make this special birthday truly something unforgettable? An event that is exciting, engaging and fun for all.
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    If you are trying to connect everyone, maybe make a giant picture of a family tree and have everyone that is there have picture of themselves or a cutout with their name on it and put it on the family tree where they come in. If they are frinds then they can hang off the branch of the person they are friends with. If you colour code it ten everyone can where the colour of where they are involved on the tree. Or have everyone learn one fact from the year the were born and have to share it with everyone. I don't know if this is an outgoing family or quiet, so these are just some outgoing excercises.

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