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Talking Toilet Paper - Quotes?

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Hi all,

I am involved in our end of year party and while it is significantly reduced when compared to previously, we are looking to make it fun throughout. Part of this is to play a few fun & tricks including one which I have been put in charge of: a Talking toilet paper.
The idea is to replace a normal toilet paper holder with a 'Talking Toilet Paper holder'. We can record ONE message on it and this message gets played when someone pulls on the toilet paper. We are looking to record a funny and inoffensive one liner which can not be more than 7 seconds (the unit can only manage 7 seconds).

Of course, I realise this is not 'Marketing', however it would be great to have a funny one-liner here to demonstrate to my boss that I can be creative & humourous. Given the location of this trick, catching them off guard is a definite advantage..

As a bit of fun, I hope you can make as many suggestions as possible?

Thanks in advance..
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  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    we're on a roll!
    Now we're on a roll !
    (Insert company name) is on a roll !
  • Posted by johnwhitepaper on Accepted
    Two musical ideas occur to me:

    -"Let it roll, roll, roll..." excerpt from "Roll on Down the Highway" by Bachmann Turner Overdrive

    -"Take what you need and leave the rest..." excerpt from "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" by The Band or Joan Baez

    If your company is in Québec, you could try "Je pense donc j'essuie."

    "Please be sure to put back any paper you don't use, so that there is enough for the next person."
  • Posted by philbrown5000 on Accepted
    Hey, keep your hands to yourself!


    Please read the Surgeon Generals warning before use


    maybe and MC Hammer sound bite of "Can't Touch That"


    Can you spare a square?

  • Posted by KSmith on Accepted
    How about for a holiday party.

    "Were Watching You"


    "We're Washing You"

    or how about...

    "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa...can we talk about this first?"

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