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Help Us Name Our Fundraiser!

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We are a non profit organization in Northern Michigan. We work with the homeless and needy in the rural areas. The program we are raising funds for is called Weekend Blessings. This program feeds the poor children on the weekends by providing a backpack of six meals for them to take home from school on the weekends to assure that no child goes hungry on the weekend.

We are planning a fundraiser the week before the fourth of July. It is a one day event. We have international hair stylists coming from Chicago. They will be working with the local community college cosmatology students to offer cuts, color and perm for a donation to our Weekend Blessing program. We will be having give aways such as gift baskets, gift certificates and one drawing for a year of cuts.

Please help us give this fundraiser a catchy name!
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  • Posted by pghpromo on Accepted
    Not certain the name has to be catchy as much as clear. The pitfall for "catchy" names---especially for something so obvious as a charity fundraiser---is that too often catchiness is equated with cleverness and the resulting name/slogan no longer communicates the event's core nature at a glance.
    Target audience is....who? (Please don't say, "Anyone with hair.") I would think that the involvement of "international hair stylists" and cosmetology students will make this event an easier sell to certain demographics than to others. But you also can appeal to a demographic that tends toward charitable causes for children regardless of benefits.
    So what demographics would these be? Is there cross-over between them? This info may be relevant to establishing a useful name for this event.
    Or, meanwhile, it could be as simple and direct as this: "Weekend Blessings CHAIRity Fundraiser: Feeding Michigan Children One Weekend at a Time." With such a clear name, there's no mistaking what this event is about. And make the HAIR in CHAIRity a different color and/or font and/or size from other letters so that it visually stands out in both color or black-and-white print.
    --- Paul
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    I think this is lame but lets give it a try..

    Feedvocacy = feeding + advocacy

  • Posted by ATFCheypi on Member
    Locks for Lunch (and I really like the previous post for CHAIRity

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