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Getting Married--customizing Our Own!

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My fiancée and I need some help coming up with a catchy phrase that will go with a song that is connected to the both of us.

This catchy phrase will go on our wedding favors that we customize, which will be koozies...some common ones I have seen but do not want to use again for our wedding are "To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold" or "The HUNT is over".

We want ours to be linked to a song called "Farmer's Daughter" by country music artist Rodney Atkins (if you need to look up the lyrics).

This song says alot about how we are now getting my father has farm/ranched his whole life.

Jackie is my fiancée and in addition to his career he would help my dad out because he is a good guy! We became closer to one another over time!
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    It's What Inside That Matters
    Bounty From The Farm
    From The Land / Hand-in-Hand
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    Cuz just when i thought it couldn't get no hotter
  • Posted on Member
    "From Farmer's Daughter to Farmer's Wife"
    or if he is a city boy
    "From Farmer's Daughter to City Boy's Wife"

    or "Comin' Home to my Farmer's Daughter"

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