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How To Tie Scrabble To A Exhibit/trade Booth

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We are doing a conference and the game that we decided to use is Scrabble. I need to be able to somehow to tie the game to the booth. We are a revenue cycle management company. I am interested in your ideas.
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  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted


    In the United States and Canada, the name "Scrabble" is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc. Everywhere else in the world the name "Scrabble" is trademark owned by Mattel.

    You cannot, must not, and should not use the name "Scrabble" in any of your promotional material.


    Unauthorized use of this trade name by your company or organization REGARDLESS of its association is a violation of applicable rights.

    On Hasbro's website you will find terms and conditions, part of which reads as follows: "All trademarks and logos are owned by Hasbro or its licensors and you may not copy or use them in any manner."

    Read more here:

    The trademark issue will apply to ANY toy, product, game or current brand. Simply because you CAN use these names does not mean that you MAY use them.

    Trademark infringement is a serious SERIOUS deal that can and will set you back (or, some some cases, shut you down) for years if not forever. In 2009, Hasbro's total revenue was $4.07 BILLION which would suggest that their legal war chest is rather bigger than yours.

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    Agree with the post above, do not use a trademark. However you can do the game, just don't post it as scrabble.

    Could you inform as to what you are trying to accomplish with this game? were will it be played on the show floor or a informative session? How does the game refer back to your company, is there a brand element involved that you are linking the two?

    The company I work for does many trade shows so I am trying to understand why you chose this and how it will be utilized.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted

    Names like Scrabble and Monopoly are frequently used in literature, movies, TV shows and the like. As for a trade show or conference, it will depend on the specific situation. Having been the executive director of a major law firm for 10 years, I suggest you get legal advice from lawyers, and marketing advice from marketers.

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    I'm not a lawyer. Nor do I claim to be. Nor do I claim to be giving legal advice.

    However, I have prior experience with requests to use a trademarked name (owned by Disney) in a fundraising letter for a non profit. The request was denied and came with a strongly worded statement from Disney's legal department suggesting that any use without their permission was not a good idea.

    So, if you want to use the name, contact Hasbro and ask for permission in writing. If they turn you down and you go ahead anyway, be aware that you do so at your own risk.

    From a marketing point of view, the questioner's
    "need" to somehow to tie the game to the booth is overshadowed by Hasbro's ownership of the trademark.

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