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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Whats The Most Successful Media For Advertising

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I work for a small non-profit hospice. We have very limited funds for marketing/advertising. What is the best use for those advertising dollars? Newspaper ads, cable tv, directory listing? Where should we concentrate our resources?
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    The most successful media for advertising encorporates, sight, sound, color and motion. Television.

    I do not know how limited a budget you have, so that may be out of the question.
    From where or which area do you get the majority of your customers?

    A relative of mine developed many of the national guidelines for Hospice Volunteer may have heard of her, Leila Reynolds. She used to travel the country implementing this program.

    She tells me that the greatest advertising comes from your sources, and your past clients. To me, that translates into brochures in color that tell the hospice story, and it is a beautiful story.

    Make sure oncology clinics, physicians, nurses (my sister in law was nurse with Stalen Clinic (sp?) for years.

    I recommend lunch speeches at hospitals, for oncology nurses, volunteers and physicians. Make it easy for them to refer, with a simple, yet informative full color brochure.

    Television is perfect, but you must have the budget to continue with that. Perhaps, an oncology group or hospital that advertises now, in your area, will assist you by allowing you to share in the costs of their commercials for a brief, yet effective mention. PErhaps a link on other oncology websites.

    Good Luck
  • Posted on Author
    We currently have a pretty effective direct mail campaign going, but are looking for ways to reach new potential clients. I like the idea of television - if it is within our budget.

    Any advise about targeting specific markets through specialized publications (ie. local community papers, religious publications, senior newspapers, etc.)? Would it be worth the money?
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    I think the senior market, obviously...perhaps the HIV/AIDS market...a shame to call it a market, but it is a cultural/social demographic.

    Perhaps local sponsorship of senior targeted PBS programs. Sponsorships lend a higher degree of credibility. But, who do you really target, the seniors or their children? Who makes the first call...the spouse, or the child?

    Community newspapers offer a lower-cost per thousand than big city papers....large distribution. There are FREE family-type magazines, with advertising space that are given out through nearly every physicians office in this region. Perhaps a family and/or health magazine advertising. They are distributing for you to the offices you need to reach.


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