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Topic: Advertising/PR

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One Liner "punchy" Introduction

Posted by Marita on 25 Points
Hi, I need to introduce my company to 1200 people (relevant audience to us). I know it is a simple task and perhaps I am over thinking it, would you have input for a one punchy introduction? We are an innovative, 60+ engineering firm, well-recognized in the industry with outstanding client approach. One punchy introductory one-liner... ideas?<br />

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Why "punchy"? Instead, I suggest reading this article I wrote for ideas:
  • Posted by Marita on Author
    Point taken Jay, very smart. Thank you.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    You have a business. In this situation I ask my client to look through their references. Take 25 and examine them for all the points they raise.

    Because punchy means one thing in one circumstance, and not in another. It means what your clients mean it to mean - so look what means something to them. That will be found right under your fingertips. You can do it with a coffee this evening and have your punchy statement in the space of a half hour.

    Then you come back to us for some fine-tuning. Because that's all we can do in reality. Only, well, we do have the imagination - and the perspective - to be able to phrase it in terms that you and your clients like.

    I hope this helps. M xxx
  • Posted by charles.stannard on Accepted
    What is the topic of the talk? What are you going to be talking about? If you set the scene, might be able to help with an intro / opener?
  • Posted by Ruth P. Stevens on Accepted
    I've had good luck with a formula that is structured as follows: "You know how....[state a problem that the audience has that you solve]?" [The audience will nod their heads.] "My company ....[describe the solution]."

    In my case, I often say, "You know how sales people hate cold calling? ... Well, I produce marketing campaigns to generate a steady stream of qualified leads, so that sales people are spending more time closing business, instead of cold calling." Inevitably, the person I am talking to will nod and say something like "Wow, I need some of that!"

    The formula nicely gets the target audience personally involved with you, right off the bat.

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