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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Sampling In Texas

Posted by CelebNow on 250 Points
Hi All
I work with a number of restaurants, venues and event planners in Texas (Austin / Houston / Dallas) I want to introduce sampling of beverage and possible food items.
What are my best options of reaching multiple companies quickly and efficiently? Looking for sampling and guerilla marketing.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Now I am pretty good at guerilla marketing. Only I have a few questions before I can start.

    You want to sample beverages and food - who, what and where (as in which shop/outlet, what are they doing at the time you sample?)

    The best options of reaching multiple companies. Who in these companies do you want to reach? This is important in companies who have hierarchical structures that effectively seal of the higher echelons of management.

  • Posted by CelebNow on Author
    Hi Moriarty
    I have done guerilla marketing on a number of levels years ago. (ie Entertainment / Product Placement / Street Fairs / Club & Liquor Promotions)
    Now that I work with venues and events I would like to have a "go to" network again for a variety of events.
    So to answer your question. Right now we are working on events around SxSW, I work with a few clubs and restaurants that would sample drinks and maybe snack items. Then I have a racetrack that wants to sample sports drinks as they host many events, movie promos, etc.
    When I worked in this field before I had relationships with many mid sized companies. Usually not the "big boys" as they take forever to decide on anything. So my question is - is there a networking group / online forum for sampling opps? Or should I just pull out my old contact list?
    Thanks for your response, and contact me if you are interested in the Texas market
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    Have you thought about TRA?
    The Texas Restaurant Association (Austin), The Houston Restaurant Association and other similar organizations are FILLED with assets that can assist you to reach your goals. INVEST in a membership and get really connected.

    (DISCLAIMER) Although a "Houstonian", I have no connection to TRA/HRA or any of the similar organizations.


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