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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Bad Credit Automotive Name Needed

Posted by ashleywalton on 25 Points
I need a name and tagline for a new car dealership im starting. Our target market is 24-50. families that need help restoring thier credit.

Auto Credit Express

"Everybody Rides"

Any thoughts?

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Cars, Cars For Everyone
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    No hassle cars
    Bad bad bad cars (they will wonder why you're selling bad cars!! Nobody sells bad cars, so it works)
    The bad credit car company - a car doesn't look any different from us. It gets you a car.
    Get a car.

    What do you think? M
  • Posted by ashleywalton on Author
    In todays automotive world the internet plays a huge part of your business model. So you need a name that says your not some shady side spot selling junkers. Also, people with bad credit still want to feel good about purchasing a car. Anything with bad credit in name won't work.

    I want to give them a red carpet buying experience
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    These were ... suggestions! There are ways to deal with the fraudsters - and that is to be honest. Not to say it, do it. Do something that a fraudster would never do, and that is say something bad about yourself.

    Those people who would have bought from you would buy anyway. Those who would haggle and make your life a misery would disappear.

    If you are using paid advertising (PPC) the name bad credit in your website would work very nicely indeed.

    What is more, life is not on the internet. It is in ... life, the real world. The internet is but one portal. Remember that and your campaigns will be truly powerful. Forget this and you will have 10,000 likes and still no profit.

    So - let us have a look at what you can do.

    Why does someone want a car - and can't buy one because of some kind of bad credit reference? They can only get a job if they can get a car - a circle they can't square. That sort of thing. Looking deeper into the motivations of your potential clients always reveals something special. Your saying "they still want to feel good about purchasing a car" shows that you have done this already. That in itself puts you in the top 10% of marketers in your niche.

    Even so, considering the questions people put into the search box to get a car - "bad credit" surely would have a good connotation? They would put in "I want a car but have bad credit" BINGO there you are with the results.

    There are very different ways of using the internet than many people imagine. It was true in the days of the post office too, with direct mail. Some spent millions to make thousands, some spent thousands to make millions. The difference was how they used the medium, not the medium itself.

    So you intend rolling out the red carpet. That's great. Only what if they don't like the color red that you've chosen? What happens when they think it's too narrow, too thin or going the wrong way? Because treating all clients the same is good business. What's better for business is working out which clients appreciate the effort you've taken (and go on to buy a car in the following month).

    Because that is the motherlode. It has nothing to do with the internet, nothing to do with mailings and everything to do with listening.

    I'm still missing something - the piece in the puzzle that joins two disparate ends together and gives it all the right shape. I want to know what motivates someone to buy a car when they can't get the credit. I want genuine people, not the shysters bending the rules. I want the people trying to get out of an ever tightening economic corset. That answers it in part, what do you think?
  • Posted by marketingsmartly on Accepted
    Auto4Sure … ensuring your satisfaction.
  • Posted on Accepted
    "Here Everybody Drives!" would make a great tagline regardless of what you name your business, but then so will "Credit Available For All!?

    As for a name, I'm not sure if you're starting a "a new car dealership" (your words), or a new used car dealership, which sounds more like what you have in mind. Without knowing that, it's going to be hard suggesting a name for that dealership.

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