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Topic: Advertising/PR

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Creating A Pre-launch Buzz For A Mall Opening

Posted by ajwangmon on 250 Points
Hello, we really need your expert help on the best ways to create a pre-launch buzz for a mall opening and also great marketing ideas for the day of the launch itself. Ideas that will be exciting enough for the target clients and have them keep coming back to the mall. The malls in question are 5 in number, so we need ideas that will be unique from each other.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    You have a problem: the thinking behind a mall is not based on uniqueness. That means you don't have a great deal of room to make them unique - space and time. Are there any characteristic differences between them - is one focused on furniture, or motorcars or fashion? Because if we are to give you unique ideas that aren't just flim-flam, we need to know what makes them unique.

    Also who are your target customers? If there is something that defines them as special, you can tailor your marketing ideas to them. The more special that definition is the more effective your targeting will be.

    Over to you! M
  • Posted by ajwangmon on Author
    Thanks for you contribution Moriarty, all the 5 malls have similar services; boutiques, foodcourts, gyms,wellness spas and coffee shops among others but they are located in different areas so they cater to the needs of middle-high income earners in the various neighbourhoods(fairly affluent) in which they are located.
  • Posted on Accepted
    If you want five unique ideas, then you might want to provide us with information on what makes each of those five malls unique 'cause right now you've given us very little information to work with. What information you have provided sure makes the five seem very much the same.

    As for getting people to come back, that's going to depend on the variety and pricing of merchandise customers find on their first or second visit
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    How far away are the malls? Could you have a foot race, a bicycle race, or even a road rally that would involve stopping at each of these locations? Each mall would have a rest stop with special events (live music, food tasting, fashion show, etc.) to entertain both the participants and the community. The entire event could be a fundraiser for 5 different local charities.

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