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First Day Marketing Activity

Posted by srinivasanr24 on 50 Points
Please suggest an activity/ ice breaker for the first day of marketing class to make students appreciate the importance of marketing
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    You could play a logo guessing game: or

    You could divide the class into teams, give each team $10,000 to "play with", and come up with a plan to sell a new drink targeted to improve memory of students (so they'll perform better on test). Then ask: How would they spend it? When? Why? How would they measure the results of their actions? What does a success look like?
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Something simple: throwing beanbags. Sounds dumb - just see how they throw and catch them. There are those who will throw fast, those who will throw slowly. Those who catch easily, those who don't. Those who they choose to throw to, those they don't. All of which is a metaphor for communications - which is the essence of marketing.

    You could also have an opening session with your trainees trying to guess the likes of customers who bought various goods.

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    I suggest splitting the class into two groups. Group 1's role is to agree on and to present a PRO marketing stance from the point of view of the marketer. Group 2.s role is to present an ANTI marketing stance from the point of view of the customer. There can be no winner, nor is the object of the exercise to "win"; it's simply to show the two sides of the debate of the validity and of the intrusion of marketing.
  • Posted by srinivasanr24 on Author
    Thank you Jay Hamilton-Roth,Moriarty, Gary Bloomer, MONMARK GROUP for your suggestions. The idea by Jay can be used by splitting the class into groups and make them present the marketing of the product and the logo guessing game can be used as a filler during the class. All the ideas are really very interesting to be used at some point during the marketing class.

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