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Topic: Customer Behavior

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How To Increase Self Payment By Data Customers

Posted by vasudev_kamath on 125 Points
Q) How to increase Self payment by Data/photon customers thereby reducing instances of barring ?

Photon customers have to make their payments within 18 days of bill generation however currently we are trending a high Non Payment - Gross barring. This results in customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss, and increase in data decay, apart from possible movement to bad debt bucket. The gross debt bucket needs to come down to < Less than 5% Any innovative ideas how this can be a win - win situation for both customer as well as the business by retaining customers & yet getting payments on time.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Before you used these systems, how quickly did your clients pay? Not all of them will use booking software that allows for payments within 30 days - is this the reason for the dissatisfaction? In the UK payments can be anywhere up to 90 days - so restricting this to 18 days is a big leap.

    How about you give a 20% discount to those paying in 18 days? Which is a kinder way of saying you'll get a 20% surcharge if you don't.
  • Posted on Member
    Rather than using the technical jargon of your industry to ask a question, you might want to consider translating that to traditional English so that everyday marketing professionals (who answer the questions here) can understand it. Simply put, if we don't understand your request, you're not likely to get an answer that will help you.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    I must agree with Phil. I have no idea what a Data/photon is or who the customer for such a product/service might be. That makes it difficult to be helpful to you.
  • Posted by vasudev_kamath on Author
    Thanks Moriaty for your response it does make sense however in todays global scenario where making ends meet in times of recession & economin downturn giving discount seems tough.

    Phil & Goodman - Photon is the other name for data card that we use if we are no on lan to access our internet while we are mobile instead of wi-fi or broadband it looks like a thumb drive or USB drive & goes into a USB slot of a laptop

    Cheers !!
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Actually my point was to advertise a "discount" of (say) 20% for early payers - this "discounted price" is actually your usual price. If your customers are late in paying, they pay the surcharge ... if you get what I mean?

    The other point is why are you using this system? Not for your computers - but for creating bills that have to be paid within 18 days? After all, there are other systems available for this purpose. No doubt some of them you can change to the dates that YOU want, rather than being dictated by someone who doesn't understand billing.

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