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Posted by cadi on 125 Points
For an upcoming corporate event, a client of mine has identified two potential party themes:

- 70-80’s party
- Arabian themed party

I have been asked to propose some active content/entertainment for both themes and came up

A) 70-80’s party

make up session

wigs and gadgets distribution desk

photos session with decorated items/clothes

B) Arabian night

Henné make up session

Belly dance teaching class

Shisa lounge

All what has been presented so far is a little
bit more thought for women rather than men (which are majority) and my client is asking me basically
to ad more active entertainment (where people can do, learn, participated in doing something
while at the party) and for women but also for men. I am running out of ideas,
do you have any suggestions? For low budget big impact/fun activities?

other details: evening event, indoor.
80% male, 20 % women
management encourages to partecipate in activities, only half usually dress up or participate.
arrival®istration, some aperitif is served,activities during the entire evening and while the food buffet is at the end...

As I said,the budget for the whole event is low therefore I need to come up with some cheap ideas...

thank you very much in advance
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Costume contest
    Trivia Quiz about the era (with prizes)
    Fashion Show
    Music from the era (contest?)
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    The Arabian night sounds more fun - you could have camel races for one thing. That is to say, two people in the form of a pantomime horse pretending to be a camel.

    Arabia is desert, you could have some kind of sand-castle competition, and in the absence of sand you could use tables and chairs

    The desert is also dry so you wouldn't be allowed to drink alcohol ;-)

    Obviously you'll have sheik-kebabs on offer!
  • Posted by cadi on Author
    Thank you very much!
    Trivia is a bit difficult to organize, since there are about 300 pax attending, but I was already looking into musical themed complations, etc...
    The camel race and the sand castle competition are excellent ideas. As it looks so far although, the 70-80's party has a slight advantage, in terms of chances...Do you have any smart inputs on that theme too?
    Thank you very much in advance.

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