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Is The Long-homepage Trend Soooo 2012?

Posted by lreeves on 50 Points
I'm a digital producer with a marketing background, and I want to start earning points, so here's an opinion-based question.

I'm getting more and more clients requesting the looong homepages that have big visuals, the use of trickery and clever tech to tell the service/product story. But I feel like although it looks pretty and clever and "hey, look what we can do", is it simply outdated to be recommending (or indeed, letting them talk me into it) just for the sake of it?
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  • Posted by @ImAndyMarsh on Accepted
    Good question, lreeves. We've been A/B testing between the single page website and a traditional style website with multiple pages. The single page website has been working well in terms of leads quality and quantity, analytics, and heat mapping from Crazyegg. You can check out the beginning stage:

    I'll keep you posted on further results and hard numbers.

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Believe it or not, but for many clients Parallax scrolling is something they're only just discovering.

    I think the key is to offer clients the choice: implement this style OR this style, but not both. And to show them analytics for responses from both kinds of page.
  • Posted by lreeves on Author
    I guess it also depends on where in the sales process the website becomes a tool, if at all. We're working with a client whose main purpose for wanting a page like this is that it's pretty and demonstrates their digital chops, but the business purpose for the site is actually as a sales tool - they certainly don't expect natural traffic.

    Thus, in these circumstances it makes sense to bring as much interest as possible, as the information contained within is a brochure for those services that generally then gets converted offline.

    I can't see in any way how a single pager will get traffic on its own though. Even Google hates them unless you really get smart with the architecture, so if traffic alone is your goal, I guess traditional layouts will still be your best choice.

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