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Door To Door Free Painting Estimates

Posted by dilpreet.chahal on 25 Points
I am working for a student painter company and will be cold calling door to door.Not trying to sell them anything but I am trying to get them to agree to a free estimate. I'm trying to figure out the best pitch that I could use. Any suggestions?

This is one that I have made so far:
Hey are you the home owner here?
I'm out here with University Painters because some of your neighbors are getting their homes painted this summer. I want to give you a free estimate for any interior or exterior painting that you need done.
Couple of possible ways to end this:
1.Can I schedule you in sometime?
2.We will be doing estimates later this week so are you going to sign up?
3.Are you open to a free estimate?
4.Are you interested in a free estimate?

Another one that is below is what my manager told me to use, however I think it can be improved upon as well:
Hi there, my name is Dave and I work with University Painters! We are going to be painting on your street in the next few months and we would love to give you guys an estimate for any interior or exterior painting needs you may have.

Any feedback is helpful and appreciated
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    "Hey are you the home owner here?" - doesn't sound respectful, and that's the first impression you make. Then you simply state that you're in the area, and are drumming up business. But you haven't qualified about your painters or your quality (Can they be trusted? Are they any good? What quality of materials/service is offered? How does the pricing compare? Do you offer any guarantees?).

    Your manager's script is a bit better/shorter. But again it's showing your painting as a commodity, and hinting that neighbors think you're good enough to hire - but not making your offer clear nor positioning strong.
  • Posted by dilpreet.chahal on Author
    Thanks, so I should just add in that were doing quality paint jobs?
    I wanted them to get a yes is early is why I asked if they are the homeowner. "Hi there, I'm with university painters, are you the homeowner here?" Does that sound less disrespectful!
    I agree that I'm just showing the painting as a commodity but what could I say to position mysel stronger? I forgot to add that I do hand them a flyer that has our guarantee, services, quality, and painters ability highlighted.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    If you're going to bang on doors like this and ask questions, you'll do well to show house owners before and after images of the ways in which your company has dramatically made an impact and a difference to the homes of your prospect's neighbors.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    You also need to ask other, related questions that generate "Yes" momentum.
  • Posted by dilpreet.chahal on Author
    The flyer that I give them has a before and after picture as well. Any suggestion for some good yes questions?
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted

    "Can you tell the difference between this picture (before image), and this picture (after image)?"

    "Do you think walls and rooms look better with a fresh coat of paint?"

    "Does the thought of doing your own painting fill your with dread?"

    "Would you be surprised to hear that professional painting services can cost less than (insert compatible cost item that provokes thought)?"

    "Would you say these colors (sales rep produces color chart) match your existing decor?"

    "The free estimates XYZ Painting are currently offering people in your neighborhood take the headaches out of custom painting. As you'll see from this brochure (hands brochure to prospect), we cover 1,2, and 3, while offering your the peace of mind of A, B, and C …"

    "All i need to do to provide you with your free, no-obligation, in-home estimate is make three measurements of your room. I'd love to show you how your home can look so much better. It will take just 2 minutes … may I come in?" (shows prospect official ID)

  • Posted by dilpreet.chahal on Author
    Wow, Awesome feedback. I really appreciate the help guys.

  • Posted by dilpreet.chahal on Author
    Ok so I revised and made a little hybrid format. Also added some more questions in for them to say yes. Ive read that its a good idea to use things like I assume or obviously but the info I got may be wrong. Also, we sign them up for an estimate and the manager calls back to set up an appointment. We do not do estimates on the spot.
    This is what I have now:
    Hi there, are you the homeowner?
    I work with University Painters and we’re going to be painting in your neighborhood this summer. I assume you like free things, right?(Hand Flyer and wait for response) and you can obviously tell the difference between the before and after picture on the flyer, right? We would love to give you a free estimate on any interior or exterior painting needs you have so let’s sign you up!
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Stick with the questions I suggested above. Assume nothing.
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been any activity in at least 10 days.

    Thanks for participating!


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