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Haven't Made A Single Sale And Would Like To Know?

Posted by daveo_1002 on 50 Points
Hey guys,

Well I'm having trouble converting my referrals into sales. My website gets allot of hits, but in the end i either get abandoned carts or nothing at all.

Is there something my website isn't doing?

Hope to get some advice

Thank you
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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    You say right in your returns policy that "Beshay understands that purchasing clothing online may be a tedious task, as you can't physically touch the product or try it on." Then provide just an Ok returns policy - return unworn clothes for refund in 15 days and the person has to pay for the return postage.

    A lot of the online clothing sellers do better by providing a much more liberal return policy. It helps gets over exactly what you said - the risk the consumer feels they have when they are buying something sight unseen. This risk is even greater when you are selling clothes which look differently on different body shapes and skin/hair colored people, and can be of any of many different materials. And selling a brand that people are not familiar with. A longer return policy might help some. Return shipping could also. but of course, you have to factor in these costs (not just the return shipping, but that you would likely get more returns also).

    Also, the more information you can provide, the better, I noticed on at least one dress (the first in my list) it just says "soft touch material", not what the materials are.
  • Posted by daveo_1002 on Author
    So besides that, does my website look aesthetically pleasing? Is my pricing okay for a business that has started off? I've looked at my analytic, and it seems that people are leaving from the cart and each category
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    How do people find your website? What do they know about you when they click?

    Your homepage doesn't tell folks what you sell or do, or why they should explore the site. What benefit do you promise (and deliver)? What's in it for the site visitor to stick around? My guess is that your bounce rate is pretty high.

    Do you have landing pages for your various ads and links? Or does everybody get sent to that homepage (without a call-to-action)? Your homepage may be acting like a dead-end street, so folks just hit the back-button and try the next place.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Your home page is devoid of all reasons to buy. There's a blonde, a bit fat space full of nothing, and nothing of note to telegraph what your site's about, who it's for, what you offer, why you are worth attention, or why you're worth buying from. I learned all this by spending less than 10 seconds on your site. Aesthetics are nice, but blank space does not sell.
  • Posted by Gina G. Scala on Accepted
    I am not sure how people are getting to the cart and abandoning it. Can you tell if these are returning customers or prospects that are leaving? I have the same question about the people who leave after viewing each category. Also, do you know if the customers are Americans, Europeans, etc. Some observations: I am in the States and there is no where easily accessible that tells me size conversion or pricing is on the actual product page where I am adding to the cart. As for the overall look and feel, it lacks color and panache. The font on the navigation is small and somewhat uninspiring. Also, under Bershay World you could tell your story in one place instead of making consumers click on three different drop down options. Your website is the place to tell your story, so do it. I always recommend clients take a look at the websites they like and jot down what it is about those sites. Then, find a way to incorporate those things into their sites. Take the top 3 sites you like. You don't have to reinvent the wheel at this point of the digital age; just tailor it to your brands uniqueness.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Right now, we can only make guesses. Have you tried to directly contact some of your prospective clients in your area and get their feedback? Are people arriving to the site and confused? Are they intrigued but not convinced? Are they bored? Not motivated? Concerned about something that is or isn't stated?
  • Posted by daveo_1002 on Author
    Hey guys, thank you so much for your feedback.

    As far as analytic goes, I have pulled up a report between the 1st of September and the 27th.

    The following are as follows

    Sessions 876
    Users 687
    Pageviews 2,383
    Pages / Session 2.72
    Avg. Session Duration 00:02:34
    Bounce Rate 62.21%
    % New Sessions 76.71%

    I had an ad campaign running, but recently have had to put it on pause due to money being wasted.
    My keywords were: Online shopping, Clothes, Women's clothing, New fashion, Online clothing store, etc.

    People mainly find me through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. I've been able to promote a fitness branch to reach a 12.4k following.

    As far as the descriptions, I have updated them and have made them seem more appealing.

    How do i make my homepage more interesting and engaging? How do i make my homepage more inspiring?

    I have looked at Gucci, Asos, Chanel and Loui Vutton. I was quiet inspired by Gucii's layout. I was going for a simple yet elegant look.

    In terms of adding other thing such as sizing etc, my website provider limits me in doing such things.

    Hope to hear all feedback, negative or positive.

    Thanks again

  • Posted by daveo_1002 on Author
    Between the same periods, 81.5% were returning customers, and 18.5% were new visitors.

    Countries include:
    628 71.69%
    United States
    97 11.07%
    (not set)
    34 3.88%
    18 2.05%
    10 1.14%
    10 1.14%
    7 0.80%
    5 0.57%
    5 0.57%

    204(28.18%) Page views
    169(25.92%) Unique Pageviews
    00:01:16 Avg Time on Page
    150(26.18%) Entrances
    32.67% Bounce rate
    28.43% Exit
    12(1.66%) Page Views
    10(1.53%) Unique Pageviews
    00:01:22 Avg Time on Page
    3(0.52%) Entrances
    33.33% Bounce Rate
    16.67% Exit
  • Posted by daveo_1002 on Author
    Thank you all for your feedback much appreciated!

    Sorry i have been busy changing my website structure and improving based on the feedback that i received.

    However, i have completely changed my website, is there still something that you think that needs to be fixed?

    Would be much appreciated if you had a look at the new version.

    I haven't finished designing the mobile version, because i haven't had time to complete it.

    The website again is

    Thank you all for your feedback. I do appreciate all of it whether it is negative or positive.
  • Posted by daveo_1002 on Author
    Perfect, Thank you for that! Yes I've been extremely busy trying to entice my audience! I'll definitely have to review all my typos. Working non-stop for 5 hours does however make you tired!

    I'll look into that now! I think that might by my website error, so i will contact customer support.

    As far as the website goes i will continue to improve it and will hopefully update you guys on any new progress.

    Thank you, i appreciate that allot!

  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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