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Free Webinar Headline

Posted by larryelkan on 250 Points
What is the best type of headline to promote a free B2B webinar where a lesson will be taught
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  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    What kind of B2B? Which niche? What pain has this audience writhing on the floor in agony? What keeps them up at night, fretting about the future?
  • Posted by larryelkan on Author
    A training and coaching firm that helps web design firms grow their business! Biggest problem the web design firms have is they are not always persuasive enough with their proposals so the webinar will offer them strategies of persuasion to close more deals!
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Headline that promises the ultimate benefit, perhaps stated as a question: "How would you like to have a waiting list of profitable clients?"

    Don't reference training or strategies or proposals. Those are downers. Focus on the ULTIMATE BENEFIT, whatever your primary target audience thinks that is. (You may want to interview a dozen people in the target audience to learn what's important to them and what words they use to describe and define it.)
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Perhaps you'd be better served by getting people to watch the webinar replay (or simply prerecord the presentation entirely).. People are seldom available to clear an hour from their calendar with unknown benefit. A webinar replay is a different thing - they can timeshift their viewing, and share it with others.
  • Posted by dalcid on Accepted
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    haha, ok i was just demonstrating what various people connect with. to this end, i think Jay is on the right track by respecting their time; i think an audience that is looking to grow their business wants that content in chunks. they don't want to take a class, they want tips --- which invariably means less time watching you.

    would you consider scrapping the long-form webinar format and doing a short Tip followed by a Q&A? something like Tip Talks or something like that? if you want to engage your audience even more, consider a poll on your website to let them select upcoming Tip Talks topics.

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