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Is My Service Webpage Clear And Motivating?

Posted by Colette on 250 Points
Here is the link to our new Home webpage.

About our company:
CloudTask is a Workforce as a Service company that transforms our customers business future, combining a strategy of workforce solutions, with innovative technology solutions to achieve maximum growth and efficiency.

What is wrong with this home page and what is right?
If you were looking for business help and viewed this home page, would it move you to sign up for a free consultation? Why/Why not?


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  • Posted by mouton2nd on Member
    Well it looks like a very nice legit website but i'm having issues with the interface, it's not letting me click on anything. It looks trustworthy, but if i went there for business, i would have to read more before signing up. I'm viewing it in chrome btw.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Overall appearance is OK, but the words sound like gibberish to me.

    "Workforce as a Service" is not a familiar term.

    "... transforms our customers business future" is a little strange. First it's about changing MY world and my future. That's a bit threatening. Not sure I want someone messing with my future. If my business is going to be transformed I want to be the one doing it. (Separate issue: Why did you switch from 3rd person to 2nd person?)

    What is "a strategy of workforce solutions?" Is that my strategy? What does this mean?

    What "innovative technology solutions?" Are we talking about smartphones, software, self-driving cars?

    Do I want "maximum growth and efficiency?" Is that really the goal? Don't I get to set the goal and strategy?

  • Posted by Colette on Author
    Thanks for you input. This is a pdf template and not clickable.

    Just to clarify.. CloudTask is a freelance company that offers personalized business advice. They offer services from Finance, Business Development to Software Implementation.

    Customers sign up for a one month payment and receive private consultant from experts.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    (Aside: a typo: ... transforms our customer's [missing apostrophe] business future...)

    Like Michael, this reads as a bunch of buzzwords, but without a clear statement of what you (uniquely) offer, to who, and why they'd care about it. For example, how does it make it more efficient? Can you prove it?

    Also: Since the word "Cloud" is in the name, I'd expect this to be a cloud-based solution. Is it?
  • Posted by Colette on Author
    Thank you! Your comments were very helpful!

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