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What Do You Recommend To Compose In On A Mac?

Posted by neila345 on 25 Points
I find myself composing everything in the medium itself. I was wondering what people use to compose their day-to-day writing with? I find that after editing my writing tends to be at least 30% shorter and 20% better. :-)

I'd like to find something lighter weight than Microsoft Word but maybe a bit heftier than a text editor.

Thank you.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Try Google Docs - it's operating system agnostic.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I use MS Word (Windows and Mac) and don't find it cumbersome at all. Not sure what you are really seeking though. As Jay points out, you can use Google Docs if you prefer. Have you tried it?

    P.S. As the old saying goes, "The tools don't make the carpenter."
  • Posted by neila345 on Author
    Thanks. Google Docs might be the way to go, though I might use Byword assuming it has spell check. The idea is that I'm a bit too sloppy with even routine day-to-day writing of the sort that a Word processing app might be overkill. For example, I'm composing this comment now and if I edited it first it'd turn out better. Sure, a comment's casual but there are a lot of things that add up that can equal a lot of sloppiness. So I'm not even talking about real writing in the sense of a blog post, article, social media profile.

    It occurs to me that most of us write hundreds of word every day so the net effect can be writing that's empathetic to the needs of the reader or it can be sloppy. I'm too often sloppy. I'm guessing this comment is not exactly concise and to the point. :-)
  • Posted by neila345 on Author
    hanks for the Google doc's suggestion. It might be overkill for the hundreds of words I write every day in little comments, emails, slack conversations, etc.

    Writing is so woven into daily life that I'm thinking it would be good to have a light app in which to compose my writing. I wrote this revised comment using Byword, improving it slightly from the ugly first draft.

    Byword even has spelling and grammar check. I think I answered my own question but would not have done it without bringing the topic up for discussion. Thank you both!

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