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About Penfolds' Trade Exhibition Preparation.

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4.1.The exhibition to prepare
The exhibition is scheduled for early February 2020, so the company has three months to prepare for the trade show.The gantt chart below shows the amount of preparation and time required.

According to the gantt chart shown, Penfolds allowed three months to prepare for the trade show.Among them, inviting guests is considered to be one of the preparations that need the longest time, because many guests have different schedules, so it is very important and time consuming to reconcile everyone's time.Some guests can not come also can invite others, advance and guests to make an appointment for the time after the reception is good for preparation.
As well as inviting guests, it is necessary to prepare at the very beginning for the confirmation and reservation of the venue.After the specification of the reception is determined, the demand for trade show venues can be quickly determined.The venue is expected to be in the guest hotel or a large reception room in a nearby hotel.Because it can minimize the cost of travel fees and save time.
The preparation of peripheral products is very important, because it can directly show Penfolds’ attention and professionalism to this trade show.Peripheral products include invitation letters, customized gifts for each guest, brochures, and media products.Still have is to this cocktail party and the wine that roll out a few set limit to eat.These products need to be produced in large quantities and carefully designed, so start preparing them early and allow plenty of time.
After the venue and guests have been roughly determined, Penfolds can start contacting the media for better exposure.The media is a great way for Penfolds to communicate with the public.Penfolds invites a number of media from around the world, including those that have a better say in wine and those that are more popular in other countries.
The decoration of the venue is the final work of preparation. Penfu needs to decorate and decorate the venue.It takes about two weeks of careful preparation.After everything is determined, the specific time of the trade show can be determined. After that, a series of services can be provided for guests, such as booking air tickets and hotel rooms.

4.2.Publicity during the trade show
Penfolds has a series of promotional activities during the trade show.Generating online conversation and discussion with celebrity and web celebrity buzz is one of them, as well as possible press conferences.Penfolds uses invited tasters to identify its product and its audience.Penfolds also plans to use display cabinets in the exhibition to display some valuable wine collections for guests to visit and for the media to take photos. This kind of visual enjoyment can attract the attention of the media and is also a good publicity for Penfolds.In addition to Penfolds own wines, Penfolds plans to display a number of different wines from around the world, such as baijiu from China and sake from South Korea.This shows that Penfold respects and welcomes different drinking cultures.At the same time, Penfolds will also show the wine making process of Penfolds in the trade exhibition, which can make guests, the media and the public understand the high-end wine making technology and wine culture Penfolds has been adhering to.
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    What in your preparation is unique to the Penfolds brand? Most of your suggestions could apply to any wine brand.
    Are people in this targeted region likely to consume Penfolds products? Which ones especially?

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