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Trade Show Action Plan

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I am a college student studying business. Recently, the teacher left us a homework about the trade show. One of the requirements is to seek expert feedback for action plans.

Action plans:

4.1 The first action plan required is to schedule what activities need to be done before the trade show. This should be done using a Gantt chart to include timelines and costs that are realistic and consistent with budget resources. E.g. printing brochures, booking airfares and accommodations.

Basic structure of the exhibition:

Name of trade show: Melbourne Juice Trade Show

Exhibition location: Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre
Range of exhibition: Juice , smoothies , boost snack series

Exhibition time: 2020 ,september 30 th——- October 2nd

Exhibition frequency: once a year

Early stage: 2020, March to April
Communicate with the government and enterprises and cooperate with the media to ensure the preparation of the exhibition in the early stage of the exhibition.

Medium term: 2020, May to June
Find information from various dealers in order to help he previous publicity work.

Late: 2020, July to August
Publish exhibition information everywhere, send the admission ticket and exhibition materials.


1.Audience organization:Inform retailers, industry stakeholders, consumers, and students, handling manual materials at the same time.

2.Advertising:Propaganda in various newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.

3.Press conference: Publish exhibition information to the media

4.Ticket: Send exhibitors invitations and tickets.

5.Posting posters: Post exhibition posters in bright places, like station, shopping mall, and city center.

Plan 1:
Activities Schedule
Wk1 Wk2 Wk3
Wk4 Wk5
Wk6 Wk7
Printed manual $30,000
Reserve Air tickets $60,000
Accommodation reservation $40,000
Media advertisement $2,000
The location of the show $50,000

4.2 The second action plan will be developed for any promotional activities during the tradeshow. This must include cultural aspects. E.g. Product presentation, distribute brochures, networking, cultural aspects and features of the audience.

Plan 2: promotional activities during the trade show

·product presentation: 1.Invite experienced sales staff in front of the booth.
2.Attract customers with eye-catching signs or special techniques.

·Distribute brochures: 1.Customers should be easy to see and receive them.

· Networking: 1. take a video at the show and upload it to the web, like YouTube, Twitter and the official website of the company , in order to let it make an impact.
2.Create a forum dedicated to the company's products.

·Cultural aspects: 1.creat song and dance performance about the company’s products.
2.Organize small games with Exhibitors.

·Free experience of company products.

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    This is not a GANTT chart.
    What is the expected ROI for the expenses? How do you know? What are the metrics you are trying to optimize?
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    My Gantt chart is a picture, I can't upload it.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

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